New York

Come to New York, you know you want to!

The Geography of New York

New York has interesting geography. It was one of the middle colonies. Out of all the middle colonies, it was the most North and the biggest. Long Island is off of New York and it reaches more than 100 miles into the ocean. The Hudson River crosses through Eastern NY.

Who Founded the Colony and Why

The Dutch originally founded the colony of New York but they called it New Netherlands. Peter Minuit and several others founded it for trade with the Native Americans in 1626. Soon it became an English colony when King Charles gave all of the Dutch lands in the New World to his brother James. He sailed over warships to the Dutch colony and they surrendered right away. He renamed the colony New York after the Duke of York.

The Economics of New York

There are many different ways to make money and become wealthy in New York. We have large farming and fishing industries here. You can raise cattle, farm grain, indigo, rice or wheat. Also, if you're not into farming, you can take up and industrial job like shipbuilding or iron works. We trade with England frequently to gain even more goods.

Government and Religion in New York

We have laws to keep you safe here in New York, but if you break them you will be punished severely. One of our punishments is you will be hung for more serious crimes or you can be imprisoned and people can make fun of you. Only men can vote if they own land and go to church. There are many different religions here in New York such as Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, and many more!