What topic do I complete my project on?

Find your birth month to know what topic you will be doing.

Jan – Mar: Functions of the Endocrine System

April – June: Hormones and Glands

July – Sept.: Major Organs of the Endocrine System

Oct. – Dec.: Diseases of the Endocrine System

What Should I include?

There are a number of tools you can use for the presentation of this project. You may create a power point, a prezi (http://prezi.com), make a video, use animoto , go animate (http://goanimate.com), and/or voki.com. If you have some other ideas let me know.

This counts as ½ a test grade and will be graded with the following rubric. 50 possible points.

1. Notes/Handout (10 points) – is the information correct? Interesting? Resources were cited and/or in students own words?

2. Diagram/s (10 points) – interesting and relative to topic? Cited website where information was found? Included a paragraph as to why/explanation of how diagram fits in with project?

3. Review Activity (10 points) – activity reviews ALL of the information the student was responsible for. Examples are a crossword, word search, quiz game, etc

4. Presentation or Video (20 points) – Presentation is well thought out, interesting, and informative.

*Please note that points will be removed for grammar issues.