El Salvador

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Stars of El Salvador

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José Antonio Cortéz

Born in San Vicente , former NFL player played for the Indianapolis Colts during the 2005 season. Jose has played for several NFL teams such as the San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins as well as with NMF Europe for a while. José is now retired from the NFL and enjoys a quite life in Oregon.

Allison Iraheta

Allison was a contestant in the singing competition American Idol season 8 and came in 4th place. She was born in California to immigrant parents from El Salvador.Before her big break on American Idol, she had already won other singing competitions such as Telemundo’s Quinceañera on which she sung in both English and Spanish. She became an overnight sensation and one of the most famous people in El Salvador.

Popular El Salvadorian Dances

The Dance of the Chapetones

This dance is executed in the town of Panchimalco. Twelve gentlemen dressed in tuxedos and in shoes appear. A lady dressed in white that represents the Queen and wears a headband on her head accompanies them. The dance imitates Spaniard manners and ridicules them with ceremonious and languid movements to the music of a delicate waltz.

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The Dance of the little Mare

This dance is from "Lenca" origin and is executed by Indian towns in the eastern region of El Salvador. The center dancer imitates a mare, dancing barefoot or with sandals wearing a very well imitated horse head, a pack tied to his waist and a hind tail. Four Indians dance around the mare with wide sticks in their hands. This dance ends simulating a fight. The mare intervenes during the fight, separates them ending the fight by kicking and thumping all around, which is her principal role in the dance.
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The Dance of the Tiger

Is one of the most ancient dances of the town of Izalco. It represents a mimic of a tiger hunt. A group of eight to ten Indians disguised as hunters, are able to hunt down a tiger after many twists, jumps and dances. They are dressed with a rough-cotton pant folded up to the knee; bear torso and face covered with wooden masks that represent ancient gods. The one that represents the tiger is covered with tiger skins and wears a mask tiger on the head.
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