By: Carson Hanus

Fun Facts

The Bahamas is the biggest barrier reef in the world, and in the middle of the Burmuta triangle. i'm going to bring 90 billion dollars on this trip so I can buy an island there and just live there from then on but i'm not going to do that.

What I'm I Going To Do

What I'm going to do is that I'm going to go spear fish. I've always wanted to do that; I have been watching people spear fish and it looks awesome.I would also go diving with the fish in the reef. I would also feed sharks and fish for sharks.

Where I Will Stay

I will stay at the little wheal cay. it. It is a little island and it cost $9,250 - $17,000. That might be a lot but no to 90 billion dollars. I will have 90 billion dollars on this trip and it will take me six hours to get there with a layover, but that's a good good flytrap. it will cost $11,000 to fly there but that's first class.

fun facts

It is the woulds largest barrier reef.

It has one of the most visited island.

Its very expensive to go there.

how much will it cost

It will most likely cost about 500,000 dollars.