The Six Traits of Writhing.

Jaruthat Dervo

The six traits of writing

There are six thing to be successful in writing.

  • Idea
  • Organization
  • Voice
  • Word choices
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Conventions
Isn't that a lot to remember,well then follow these easy steps to be successful.

Idea:Excellent writing has a clear message,purpose,or focus. The writing contain plenty of ideas and your details.

Organization: Effective writing has clear beinging,middle, and ending. The overall writing is well organized and easy to follow.

Voice:The best writing reveals the wants reveals the writing's voice his or her special way of saying things.

Word choice: good writing contains strong words. Including specific nouns and verbs, the words fits the audience and deliver a clear message.

Sentence Fluency: effective writing flows smoothly from one sentence to the next. Sentence vary in length and beginning your variety of ways.

Conventions: good writing is carefully edited to make sure it is easy to understand the writing follows the rules for punctuations, grammer, and spelling.

6 Traits of Writing- a photostory

The writing process

  • prewriting
1. brainstorm

2 think of ideas

  • composed
1. rough draft

  • Evaluate
1. look around your writing

  • revise
1. put a better words in your writing

  • Edit
1. fix the mistake

  • publish
1. sharing

Write tools

  • T-table
  • core 4 topic
  • transitions
  • Main idea sentence(yellow)
  • Details/Tell me more (red)
  • Conclusion sentence (green)