Hate Crimes

Coby Rogers

What is a hate crime and what are examples?

A hate crime is a criminal act a person or persons property by an offender motivated by racial or other bias. An example of a hate group is the Ku Klux Klan. Another example of a hate crime is the holocaust.

Muslim Clerk Hate Crime

A Florida man was charged with a hate crime after attacking a Muslim clerk and yelled "I Kill Muslims." Sarker Haque (victim) was asking Piro Kolvani (attacker) a question when Kolvani yelled and then started attacking him. Kolvani was charged with hate crime and 3 other crimes. If he is convicted he faces up to 4 years in prison.

United Kingdom Muslim Hate Crime

Saba Zaman a Muslim woman who has lived in the UK for many years feels discomfort in living in the city she grew up in due to being verbally and physically twice. She was riding the metro one morning drinking her coffee when a man spit at her. Then a few weeks after, when she was on the metro she was attacked by a different man and was told "Go back to your country where there is bombing."

Attack on Black Man

Three men were charged and sentenced to life in a hate crime of a black man. The three men are John Rice, Dylan Butler, and Deny Butler. The victims name was James Anderson. These three men targeted black men who were homeless or drunk. The men found Anderson drunk in a motel parking lot. They punched and kicked Anderson and then ran him over with their car. As they were driving away the yelled "White Power!" There are also seven other defendants who are awaiting sentencing.

Hate Crime Statistics

in 2003 there were 7500 hate crimes reported. A study found that 25% of the hate crimes are based on race. Also, in 2005 46 states increased the penalty for people who committed hate crimes. The FBI also did studies in 2014. There were 5922 single bias hate crimes and 66.4% of these crimes were motivated by anti-black people. Of all hate crimes 48.5% were motivated by race, 20.8 by sexual orientation, 17.4 by religion, 11.1 by ethnicity, 1.4 by disability, and .8 by gender.