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Health Careers High School, August 8, 2022


Just a reminder that the Data Verification needs to be submitted PRIOR to prep day in order for your student to receive their class schedule.

Please visit if you have not completed this process yet.

Prep Days

August 9th:

Seniors--8:30 - 10:30 AM

Juniors--10:30 - 12:30 PM

August 10th:

Sophomores--8:30 - 10:30 AM

Freshmen--10:30 - Approximately 2:30

Pick up schedules

Dual Credit Info

Transportation Info

Club Info and sign up

Textbook pick up

Health Science Course preparation

Parking Information and passes

Off Campus Lunch Applications


T-Shirt Sales

Cafeteria Info/Free or REduced Lunch Applications

Counselor Questions

Data Verification

PE Uniforms

Ninth Graders will complete Prep Day activities and then be assigned to rooms to join different groups for camp activities. Freshman Camp is an opportunity to learn about preparing for the first week of school and being successful at Health Careers High School. Upperclassmen mentors will be on hand to assist students with lockers, planning and other team building.


Although your schedule can now be viewed on HAC, please know that it is only a draft and will likely change, as counselors are still balancing courses, etc.

Regarding requesting a schedule change, the next opportunity to do so will be at your prep day. As in previous school years, we will primarily be making corrections only, as the deadline to request a change was the last day of the 21/22 school year.

Please note that counselors will only be making changes for the following reasons:

  • Athletics change
  • Fine Arts change
  • Replace course for which student already earned credit
  • Increase academic rigor (on-level to Advanced/AP)
  • Add a course required for graduation
  • Change non-credit course to credit-bearing course
  • Error on our part (for example, a course you did not request; alternates count as a request)

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Looking for HCHS Gear?

Below is the link for kids to order HCHS gear. Link is valid until August 26.

All items to be delivered mid-September.

Calling all HCHS 9th Grade Orchestra students!

Please join us on August 10th from 2:30 to 3:30pm in the music area. This would be immediately following Camp Phoenix and your Prep Day. No instruments necessary; just a fun “get to know you,” gathering!
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Mrs. Curtis was having fun presenting at Purdue!
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Incoming freshman, Mariana Villarreal, visiting Chitchen Itza Pyramids in Yucatan, Mexico and surrounding city of Merida
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Maleiva Flores (Junior) whitewater rafting in Colorado while at Boy Scout Camp Alexander.
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Maleiva Flores and family at Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia
Big picture
Maleiva Flores at Machu Picchu
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Clare Ver Ammugauan, sophomore, is enjoying her summer vacation in Norfolk, Virginia. (Virginia Beach)
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Madeleine, Alexa & Tyler keeping cool in New Braunfels before senior year starts.

HCHS T-shirts

PTSA will be selling HCHS t-shirts for $20.00($22.00 for 2x and larger) at Prep Days and will be taking pre-orders for HCHS caps and hoodies for $20.00 and $30.00($32.00 for 2x and larger) respectively. We will only be able to accept cash or checks.
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Nicole Gonzolas and the Phoenix forge team gathered together to make ratatouille together as a team bonding experience:)
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Sritha Madduri(incoming freshman) enjoying the beach life in Miami, Florida
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Thank you Ellison, Toby, Nicole, Mithra and Lauren for helping with moving all the books today in preparation for Prep Days next week! Y'all did an amazing job!
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McKenna Carson went to Quebec, Canada and then met a WWE superstar Sami Zayn in the airport!! She said he was really nice and that he hoped she makes it in sports med.

Dress and Grooming

"Due to outside regular contact with medical professionals, future employers, and the general public, a higher standard of appearance is expected for all Health Careers students than what may be expected at a traditional high school. We understand that the Health Careers administration and faculty will advise students on the responsibility of maintaining a mature and professional appearance, including coloring and styles of hair grooming, facial piercings, as well as appropriate dress and footwear." (HCHS Application)

There is a broad spectrum of what people may consider conventional and/or traditional in regard to dress and grooming. No written policy can account for every situation; however, we believe the following clarifications will be helpful when planning for the upcoming school year at Health Careers HS.

Any hair coloring that is not a natural hair color at birth is considered to be unconventional at Health Careers. For example, shades of blue, green, purple, many bright reds, etc. are prohibited. Large sections of multicolor shades of natural colors are also prohibited. For example, half blond, half black hair would be prohibited. Subtle highlights are acceptable as they are considered conventional at Health Careers HS.

Facial piercings, other than rings and studs in ears, are considered non-traditional at Health Careers HS. This precludes the wearing of gauges in the ears and piercings on the face (eyebrows, nose, lips, cheeks, etc.).

Students at Health Careers will be allowed to wear shorts according to the guidelines in the attached document. Please note any shorts or skirts must be of mid-thigh length.