Smash Manager

Session III

The third session for Smash Manager is tomorrow!

You cannot handle your managers anymore?

  • You are not speaking the same language
  • You cannot understand them
  • You cannot work the way you want

In short they are more contraints than helpfull...

Tomorrow we offer you to smash them together!

Monday, March 4th 2013 at 9:45pm

30 Rue de la Victoire

Paris, IdF

It will take place on game room at -1 level.

Regarding the success of two previous sessions and big achievements we had on MemberManager we want to continue the collective effort.

We will start making the battle plan.

So if you have any suggestion, please send us an email or be at time :)

Our goals are to reduce :

  • Dead code (method's references)
  • TODO
  • Warnings
  • Magic Numbers
  • Duplicated LoC

And also:

  • Split too long methods
  • Apply separation of concern pattern
  • Create Unit-tests

Benjamin & Nicolas

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