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May 22, 2016

Gamers Tank takes 1st Place at Hodges University

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Reflections from Denise Duzick

After 34 years at Lorenzo Walker I will be retiring at the end of this month. I have anticipated this date with much joy and much sorrow. Joy, because I look forward to the next chapter in my life and sorrow because I am leaving the staff and students of this wonderful school who have become like family to me.

This position was made for me and I could not ask for a more rewarding career. I grew up in an auto body shop, attended cosmetology school, owned several small businesses and spent summers working in a family restaurant. When I walked into Building #1 for my interview, I remember looking at the Collier County Vo-Tech sign and thinking, “This is my new job.” Little did I know I would still be here 35 years later! When I arrived at the school there was barely 300 students and most were court ordered to attend! It has been a challenge to change the attitude of the community and sometimes our own district, that this was a place where “Dumb kids go to learn how to work with their hands,” but because of the efforts of all of you, attitudes have changed and we now all share such a sense of pride in being a part of an institution with such a stellar reputation.

I feel so fortunate to have known the Walker family and Lorenzo in particular. First and foremost he cared about people and making their lives better. Each of you continue that legacy today. I am so pleased the family continues to be involved with the school. They are inspirational pillars of the community and their association with the school will always serve us well!

One of my greatest regrets is leaving teaching to become an administrator because that is where I felt I had the greatest impact and meaning. I am in awe of each of you who teach and constantly amazed by your energy and passion. However, since I am an administrator, this is the leader I aspired to be; Someone who always saw the good in others, someone who cared deeply about students, someone who treated people fairly, respectfully and with gratitude, someone who valued the past, someone who in spite of politics and changes always held our heads high in the community and showcased this school for the truly amazing place it became! If I was any of those things to you, then my career has been a success and it has been a life well lived.

In the end I believe that each of us only sees a part of the big picture: a secretary one part, the plant operator another, an advisor, the business partner another and so on. This school has grown because of the relationships we have created with each other and the community, every person having a valued role in that process. All of you are Lorenzo Walker Technical College and I will be forever grateful for being a part of this magical place!

Tech Corner

Change of DAY by popular request!! One last Web on Wednesday for the 2015-16 school year will take place on Tue, May 24th at either 2:00 or 2:35pm in 2-233. Please mark your calendar if you are interested in this optional session. We will be looking at two more online quiz-creating opportunities that make formative assessments much more powerful and, frankly, entertaining! Join us!
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  • Awards Night for the 9-11th grade students is on Wednesday, 5/25 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Our final day of After School Homework Club will be on Wednesday, 5/25.
  • Tech selection letters for our 10th grade students will be delivered to 7th period teachers on Thursday, 5/26.
  • As we come to the close of the year, students often try and take care of obligations. Remind them that Mustang Bucks can be used to pay down fines. It is also a way to encourage students to stay focused during these last couple of weeks. If you need more, contact Darlene Crete.
  • We had so many wonderful events going on this week. Take a look at the photos below!


  • Staff on a 236 or 250 calendar are scheduled to work on Friday, 5/27. You may choose to take a personal day or if you are on a 250 calendar a vacation day. Monday, May, 30th is a holiday.
  • PLT Reflections are due 5/31.
  • Don't forget to nominate a staff member for the month of May by clicking on the Padlet link. Type the name of the nominated staff member in the "Title" portion of the Padlet post and your reasoning in the body of the post. Also you can nominate by grade level a student for the month of April by clicking the appropriate link below. Follow the same protocol of putting the student name as the title and reason for nominating in the body of the posting.
Post-Secondary Link:
9th grade Link:
10th grade Link:
11th grade Link:
12th grade Link:

Spotlight on LWTC Staff Member

Ray Smith is originally from Wanque, New Jersey. He left his former position and retired, but soon went back to work. Currently, Ray is the office manager at Lorenzo Walker Technical College. His wife, an instructor at Barron Collier High, is retiring this year. Ray and his wife have two children, the oldest Sarah is a 5th grade teacher at Osceola Elementary and his son Travis recently completed his accounting degree from FGCU. Ray enjoys traveling and his favorite place to date is Lake Tahoe in July. He and his family watched the July 4th fireworks from Heavenly Valley looking down on the explosive display. This summer he will be traveling to France.

Spotlight on LWTC Staff Member

Working as the financial aid secretary, Rosmeri Morales, began at Lorenzo Walker Technical College as a student worker at the front desk, proctored tests, and manned the bookstore. Once she graduated from Lorenzo Walker Technical High School she moved into her current position. Rosmeri enjoys working with students, but in her free time she relishes traveling and dancing. Traveling to the New York City and seeing Time Square and Manhattan have been her favorite places visited so far. Rosmeri enjoys winter for the cooler weather and the fashion. If she could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Ireland in a rural and quiet setting.

Kudos to . . .

  • Dr. Becker who had 21/21 adult and high school students pass the Veterinary Assistant exam on Friday!
  • Belvy Dalton and Cynthia Murin who chaperoned the entrepreneurship students to the annual Hodges competition on Friday. Belvy kept the students focused and motivated to continue to grow during the past months that he has been a part of the program.
  • Fay Warfield for organizing Denise's retirement party.
  • Carolyn Casserly for decorating the dining room for Denise's retirement party.
  • Steve Parnell who participated in the STEM Competition with 3 of our 9th grade Earth and Space Science students on Saturday at FSW. It was hot, but they had a blast!
  • Juan Romero who took his chess club to Barron and took home the trophy! The students won 10-5.
  • Adam Janowski who led a wonderful book club all year! Their final meeting was on Friday and they all received a book and t-shirt from K is for Kids.
  • Joann Cassio for organizing a truly "Enchanted Evening" for our junior and senior prom participants.
  • Ric Ponton and Rita Kentros for capturing the "Enchanted Evening" moments at prom and helping to chaperone the event.
  • Marsha Bergquist, Laurie Lattarulo, Tara Barr, Susan James, Rose Whippo, Bren Stevens-Harrison, Bruce Peters, LIndsey Simmons and Deputy Ray Trujillo for keeping our students safe and having a good time while at the 2016 Prom!
  • Rita Kentros who organized a wonderful welcome event for upcoming 9th grade students at ENMS! The student council and our current 9th graders who have a 4.0 shared their "Secrets to Success"! The students left feeling a part of the Mustang family.
  • Khris Betten-Jutasi for helping to make the welcome banner, leading the welcome celebration and joining our incoming 9th graders for lunch.
  • Lynne Bruce for rounding out another great year of state-wide testing!
  • All of the teachers who helped to administer the exams. Your flexibility and encouragement to the students is appreciated!
  • Jackie Hagerman who had an astounding 153 point Lexile gain average for her class. To put this into perspective, the students are expected to make a 50 point increase during the year. Way to go Jackie!!
  • Lesa Veitia Perez for successfully passing the Microsoft Word 2013 industry certification exam. Support staff have been preparing for the the exam during monthly meetings.

Happy Birthday

28 - Sue James

Upcoming Staff Meetings and Trainings

Upcoming Student Events

  • 5/23 - 5/26 District Final Exams
  • 5/25 - Field Trip to Naples Zoo for the Vet Assisting students, 10:00-1:00
  • 5/25 - Awards Night, Grades 9-11, LWTC Dining Room, 6:00 pm
  • 5/27 - No School