Integumentary System Department

The Skin, (by Garrett, Thiago, and Trevor)

Physical Appearance and Location

The skin comes in several colors, has hair, and is covered with pores. The skin is on the outermost layer of the body, all around the body.

The Hair

The hair is to keep you warm, and it also protects you against things like skin cancer, caused by sunburns.

Facts About the Skin

  1. The skin protect the bones, muscles, and internal organs.
  2. The skin is the largest organ of the body.
  3. Stretched out, the skin is usually about 2 meters long.
  4. 15% of the human body weight comes from the skin.
  5. The thinnest skin is found on your eyelids (0.02mm.)

Five Facts About the Integumentary System

  1. In an adult, we cover 21.5 square ft.
  2. You are likely to shed 40 pound of skin in your lifetime.
  3. The Integumentary System is 1/6 of the body's weight.
  4. The sole of the foot has the thickest skin.
  5. The nails grow .5mm per week.

Integumentary System Function

To keep foreign invaders out of the body, such as diseases, bacterias, etc.

Importance of the Organ and Body System

If the skin did not exist, then the Immune System would be over worked and soon collapse due to bacteria invading the body, causing sickness which can lead to death. The Immune System supports the Circulatory System,, therefore if it collapses then so  will the Circulatory System.

Another Effect of Body System Removal

Also, if you remove the Integumentary System you would not have the ability to sweat, causing overheating to your body and eventually death.

Suggestion of Removal of a Body System

You can remove the hearing off of the Nervous System because people can live without hearing.