Germany is a really good place and they Christians Muslim and the rest are atheist.

babies are baptized when they are a few weeks old and there child are named after parents or godparents. and there god father are to take care of the child in case if something happens to the parents. and once there are 18 they are allowed to get there driver license and also the choice to but alcohol and gamble and when they are 30 there are considered an full adult and they have responsibilities. they enjoy fries and potato pancakes and they eat with there fork in one hand and knife on the right . and they don't touch the table they speak Germanic close to English. germany is a republic Major political issues facing Germany include reforming immigration policy and defining the country's relationship with the West and Europe. The CDU traditionally favors greater European integration, though many Germans are wary of giving up more power to the European Union, especially following the eurozone crisis of 2011.