Central Tiger Tales

October 2021

Important Information

Water Bottle and Mask

Just a reminder that your student needs to bring a water bottle and mask to school every day. The school no longer has water fountains, but does have water bottle refill stations so a reusable water bottle is very important.

Thanksgiving Break

Just a reminder school is closed for Thanksgiving Break November 25th and 26th.

Welcome to Central's Newest Additions

Layton Knox Stamm

Mr. and Mrs. Stamm welcomed Layton Knox into the world on August 7th. He was born at 1:02 a.m. and weighed 7 pounds and 6.5 ounces. Congratulations to the Stamm family!

Elin Grace Mishler

Mr. and Mrs. Mishler welcomed Elin Grace into the world on September 24th. Elin means "sun ray" and she is definitely a ray of sunshine in their lives. Congratulations to the Mishler family!

Joshua (Josh) Daniel Nester

Mr. and Mrs. Nester welcomed Joshua Daniel into the world at 6:06pm on October 17th. He weighed 6lbs 9 ounces. They are both doing so well and soaking up all of the snuggles. Congratulations to the Nester family!


Leaders of the Month

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Central Pride Champion

Kenton Shouse is a student full of Tiger Pride! Kenton is one who comes to school prepared for whatever the day may bring. Kenton takes pride in his work and puts his full effort into creating a masterpiece, whether he is writing an essay or playing a song on his ukulele.

Kenton listens to his classmates, digests the information and responds reflectively. He considers other people’s wins as well as his own when helping his teams stay focused on their goals. Also he is a huge help when tracking our school-wide goals. He truly lives by this part of his mission statement: I will be a kind and respectful person. Congratulations Kenton!

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Mrs. Anderson Receives a "HOMEMAKERS HELPING TEACHERS" Grant!

Thank you to the Boone County Extension Homemakers for awarding Mrs. Anderson a HOMEMAKERS HELPING TEACHERS grant this October.

Learning How to Ask Questions and Find Answers

Ms. Royalty taught 5th graders how to ask great questions and find the answers in the text so we could participate in our first Socratic Seminar. We had amazing student led conversations about Native Americans with our classmates.

The Sleuths performed a play about Lebanon’s History!

3rd Grade Mapping and Hunting for Treasure!

Mrs. Williams class designed a mapping scavenger hunt. The students designed coordinates and directions. They then placed a treasure under the cone. The students then gave their directions to Mrs. Frederick’s class and they followed the steps to discover the treasure!

Kindergarten Letter Parade

All the Central students and staff were able to see the awesome artwork created by the Kindergarten students during their letter parade.

Central's School Mascot is Back!

The Sunshine Spreaders are proud to bring back our Central School Mascot. He will be in the school, passing out morning greetings a few times each week. The first day brought out all the feelings! Our mascot reports lots of high fives, knuckles, and even a hug! Soon our school will synergize to give this guy a name, so be on the lookout for an update. Thanks to our Central PTO who purchased this costume.

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News from Mrs. Bland

Non-prescription medication: Any non-prescription medication needs to be brought in to the clinic staff by a parent or guardian. A medication release will need to be signed and will include how and when the medication is to be given. Medication is not to be sent to school with the child. After discussion with clinic personnel, exceptions may be made on an individual basis as to bringing in a non-prescription medication. All unused medication is to be picked up at the school by the parent or guardian. All medication given is documented on medication sheets. Medications should only be administered to students during the school day if the medications are required to be administered at a specified time within the school day, or if the medication is needed for a chronic condition. For example, if an antibiotic is prescribed to be administered three times a day, the antibiotic can be administered before school, after school and at bedtime.

Red Ribbon Week - November 1st - 5th

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Holiday Outreach - Community Thanksgiving Dinner and Toy Drive

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