Puritans And Their Beliefs

By: Zackery and Chris

Religious Beliefs

This topic is about puritans and their beliefs, The Puritan society was nit homogeneous as it was imagined to be. The belief behind this is that most people thought puritans all went to church regularly but not all of them did. Certain individuals attended church regularly and became full members other attended meetings but never underwent conversions. This concludes the religious beliefs of the puritan society.

Clothing and Dress

The topic is about what there clothing choices were. The Puritan where very strict on the dress code. The reason they were very strict was because they knew how the mind worked. The purpose of cloths should not be to attract attention of others. This concludes the clothing and dress of the puritans.


Puritans were very educated especially on grammar. Grammar school was what came to be known as Latin school the oldest continuously produced many famous Americans. This is one of the schools that they took very seriously. Although the "shot heard around the world" was a very significant event in history but another event in American history is just as important is the Massachusetts Education Laws of 1642 and 1647. This concludes Puritan education.