Holiday Tablet Care

Tablet Chat with Students


Before tablets go home on Friday, please review tablet care with students and raise some thinking points such as:

  • If a student is traveling,
    • the tablet should always be packed in a way that it won’t get crushed.
    • it is wise to store the charger in the same place (preferably in the bag it’ll be carried home in) when it is not in use. That way it doesn't get overlooked when it’s time to return home. Replacements are $30, which is a painful price for simple forgetfulness.
    • it is wise to double check that the tablet and charger are packed before leaving on the return trip so that they don’t get left
  • Leaving the tablet in a car is a bad idea as it could attract someone to break into the car.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures. The tablet can be damaged if left in a car, a garage, or outside when temperatures drop. Fireplaces, space heaters, and furnaces are places to avoid with a tablet as the high temperatures can damage it.
  • Watch out for liquids – they are not friendly to the tablet.
  • Keep the tablet off the floor and steps – especially if the floor is littered with boxes, wrapping paper and gifts that can hide the tablet and cause it to get accidentally stepped on.

Also, think about what you can invite students to do while they are off on break. The sites, below, are all free options for giving your students things to do without requiring too much advance work on your end. For students who won’t have Internet access over the break, you could invite them to download EBooks or pull items from your Playlist/Edmodo Group/Moodle Site before they leave.

  • Ebooks: All subjects (Talk to your media Spec)

Here is a lesson (playlist) with each of the links above that you can save as your own lesson (playlist) and share with students:


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Students have the awesome opportunity to create an avatar that could be featured as an option on their student tablets as shown above.

From the Project Ed site:

Avatars are graphical representations of a particular character or alter ego. So why don’t you make your own avatar?! Look at the five words below. Choose one:

  • A loquacious student
  • An inquisitive student
  • A hyperactive student
  • A autonomous student
  • A creative student

Then, draw an avatar that effectively and creatively illustrates the meaning of the word you chose. Your submission must be your own work, not an image you have found on the internet. Are you up to the challenge? You can submit as many avatars as you like, but each avatar must illustrate one of the student identities.

See more at:


Quick facts:

Contest ends on February 2, 2015

Students must be 13 or older to submit. If under 13, a parent/teacher/PLEF can submit the drawing(s).

Drawings can be created electronically or on paper. (Students could use the Sketchbook app on their tablets for this!)

Please share this information with your students and encourage them to apply! Click the title above for more info!