Hard Knocks

James Holmes Dec. 15 2015


Hard hits in sports are becoming a large topic now days, not only is it bad when it happens it can cause concussions and in later life permanent brain damage. After seeing a doctor and waiting a few weeks to not play these athletes want to go back out there and play with their team, but with each hit they endure they increase their chances of getting permanent brain damage. It is not good to keep playing with a concussion even if you feel like you can. See a doctor and if he says to sit it out then you should sit it out and not risk any other major injuries.

4 Supporting Facts

1. Medical researchers at Boston University recently confirmed that 88 of 92 former NFL players who donated their brains for research suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (C.T.E.), a brain disease induced by repetitive head trauma and linked to depression, aggression, impulse-control problems, memory loss, and dementia.

2. football has the highest rates of catastrophic head injuries.

3.In 2014, more than 9,500 concussions were reported among high school football players in the U.S.

4. In soccer, the technique of heading—when players use their heads on the ball instead of their feet—is one of the leading causes of head injuries in youth sports.

Real world application: This is useful to everyone that plays sports to learn about concussions and to know the symptoms. Sports can be very physical and try to be more careful with better gear.

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The Baltimore Ravens and MedStar Sports Medicine Talk about Concussions