The other side of fame

Childhood Stress

When yung Kurt was young his parents were divorced when he was 9 and he became withdrawn. for most of his childhood he was sick with bronchitis. his parents traumatic split fueled a lot of the anguish in Nirvanas music.

Top 10 stressors of fame

Celebrity press


Threatening letters and or calls

Lack of privacy

Constant monitoring of their lives

Worry about career plunges


Lack of security

Curious fans

Worries about their childrens lives being disrupted

Cobain stress

One reason Cobain found fame stressful was because it rubbed against his punk ethos and fans were giving him an elevated sense of importance that he felt he didn't deserve or have.

Cobain dealt with stress by withdrawing himself. In an interview he says "just to survive lately, I've become a lot more withdrawn from the band... after the show I go straight to the hotel room and go to sleep.

In 1992 Nirvana was the most in demand band in the world, Kurt Cobain wasn't even going on tour with his members.