Ashtyn Fields

Cermaics 1

Emma Narie Caldwalader

In this piece made my John Deweese he has used detail, lines, empahsis, texture, abd value. This piece shows detail by all the line work in this such as the abbs, the mucles, the head, and the legs on how it looks detiled on the knees like this actually was a person. Also this shows emphsis and vaule because on this piece you just look at the top of the body the muscular point of view it shows on him. This shows vaule on the darkness from the head showdwing down also wear the shine this shows. 1900's is when I think this was made.This peice kind of reminds me of Jesus on the cross before he was crussfied. I think this artowork is sucessful I think this is a great piece witha rustic feeling.

John Deweese

This piece is very unique. This piece shows line, shape, color, value, texture, and ephasis. This piece shows line by the handle, by the ponity stuff at the top, and the swivvle pointy stuff at the top with the circle stuff. Also, this looks like its made with silver the texture looks very shiney and smooth. The empahis when I look at this is on the lines at the bottom where it looks like scissor cuts. I think this was made in tehe early 2000's because it has a vintage look to it like it should be in a upscale New York home. I think this piece is very succesful.

The Beach Life

The reason i created this prtoject because my awesome teacher Mr. Jenkins made my Ceramics class make a mug. I had many problems with this project my first problem was that it sucked so started over 4 times, second of all my handle broke cause i poorley made one at the last minute, third of all it looks bad so I didn't like it at all. If could change anything about this project it would be everything the height, color, design, and handle. This was my first cercamics mug and hopefully the last.

Christ and Zebra Print Throw Up Life

This was a hrrible project as well not one of my finnest works. The reason i made this was because I didnt want to fail my Ceramics class. I had many problems with this project one being coils are very hard to make especially perfect ones, also smoothing in the inisde was very difficult, and keep them together was hard acuse whe noyu would score themthey would fall and break off. If i could change anything it would be color and shape because that is what I hate the most.