Energy Conservation

What can you do to Conserve Energy?

What is Energy Conservation?

Energy Conservation is reducing the amount of energy you use each day.

Why is Energy Conservation Necessary?

  • To save energy for future generations.

  • We use it in our daily life so we want to save energy.

  • If we don’t do something about conserving energy, soon all of our energy will be gone and climate change will happen.

  • The fossil fuels we are using are running out.

  • Saves money on your bills.

What are Fossil Fuels and why do we need Alternative Energy?

  • Fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas that we use from animals that lived millions of years ago and is a nonrenewable resource.

  • Look for alternatives because we are using the fuels faster then the fuels can replaces itself.

  • The prices for getting way to high for fossil fuels like oil.

  • The alternatives are free and renewable so they won’t run out and it’s not costly.

How to Conserve Energy in your Day to Day Life.

  • Anytime you walk out of a room that is not being used, turn the lights off it saves electricity and it makes no sense to leave lights on in a room your not in.

  • Walk everywhere you can or, ride your bike, or carpool because it saves on fossil fuels and pollution going into the Earth.

  • If there are windows and its sunny out don’t turn the lights on use the natural sunlight,the lightbulbs use electricity.

  • Don’t waste paper reuse it until its full it saves the energy and trees that went into making the paper but be sure to recycle after your done with it.

  • You can take shorter showers it saves the energy that is used to heat your water.

How to Conserve Energy as a Consumer.

  • Use cloth or paper bags instead of plastic everywhere grocery store, clothes store, doing this cuts down the energy used to make the paper and plastic bags.

  • Instead of using a plastic bag for small stuff just carry it, doing this eliminates the energy that goes into making plastic bags.

  • Buy things in bulk so you don’t waste packaging by buying multiple little bags or containers and the energy that goes into making the bags or containers.

  • Buy Earth friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, polyester, cashmere and many more fabrics, the fabrics last longer than most so if they go out of style donate them to Goodwill.

  • Buy clothes at thrift stores or Goodwill, you can find some pretty cool things there. This limits the energy that you use by people are reusing them so other people don’t have to make more clothing.

How to Conserve Energy in your Home.

  • Make sure your dishwasher is full before you start it. This saves energy because you are putting less dishes into the dishwasher so you don’t have to do them, you can also hand wash your dishes too.

  • Hang your close on a close line or if it’s winter hang them inside your house somewhere warm. This can limit on how much you use the dryer.

  • Recycle pop cans, bottles, plastic anything that is recyclable. This helps reduce the amount of energy because things can be reused again.

  • Give your food to animals outside instead of putting it down the waste disposal. This helps animals get their nutrients to give them energy and so you don’t have to use electricity for the waste disposal.

  • Turn off lights that you are not using them. This reduces the amount of electricity you use within your home.
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