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Lincolnton Middle School - 1st Quarter Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Fall Book Fair 10/31-11/4

Campfire Stories Family Night 11/2/22

Annual Can Food Drive 11/2-11/18

All Pro Dad 11/4/22

8th Grade A/AB Honor Roll 11/7/22

No School for Students 11/8/22

7th Grade A/AB Honor Roll 11/9/22

6th Grade Honor Roll 11/10/22

No School for Students 11/11/22

Thanksgiving Break 11/23-11/25

Progress Reports 11/28/22

Fall Make-Up Pictures 12/2/22

LMS Winter Band Concert 7 pm at LHS 12/6/22

LMS Holiday Chorus Concert 6 pm at Emmanuel Lutheran Church 12/12/22

Chick Fil A Spirit Night 5pm-7pm 12/13/22

Christmas Dance 12/16/22

Early Release at 12 pm 12/22/22

Christmas Break 12/23-1/6

First Day of 2nd Semester 1/9/23

No School for Students 1/16/23

Report Cards for 1st Semester 1/17/23

Important Reminder from the Office

In accordance with Lincoln County School Board Policy 4400, written excuse notes are due within THREE days of the absence or it will be coded unexcused!

Parent Reminders:

  • Students must have a parent sign them in if they are tardy (7:50 or later).
  • Students should NOT be checked out after 2:15 unless it is for an emergency.
  • NO transportation changes are allowed over the phone. They must be in writing via email or by fax.

8th Grade

Language Arts

During the first nine weeks, we dived into short stories and literary analysis. We looked at themes, irony, symbolism as well as responding to reading in written form. Students studied how authors develop characters and themes throughout the plot. We looked at nonfiction and informational pieces as well, working on citing textual evidence and determining how central ideas are developed. Lastly, we are wrapping up the quarter working on sentence structure and narrative writing techniques.


Our eighth-grade math classes have covered a variety of skills in the first nine weeks. We started off the year by reviewing all integer operation rules and classifying rational/irrational numbers. We then moved into transforming figures on a graph and learning the mathematical rules behind those transformations. We used this unit to compare figures using the vocabulary congruent or similar. Afterwards, we ventured into solving one, two, and multi-step equations and inequalities. Our students are able to solve for the unknown variable and graph inequalities on a number line. Following equations and inequalities, we have covered functions. We will be moving into our unit on slope and linear relationships during the second nine weeks. Linear functions are one of the biggest topics covered in 8th-grade math and is VERY important to have the knowledge to succeed in 9th-grade math and beyond. We look forward to another productive nine-week period.

Social Studies

During the 1st nine weeks, eighth-grade social studies examined how the three geographical regions impacted the development of NC. Additionally, students have been investigating the early history of North Carolina with the Lost Colony. Students are learning about the impact Native Americans have in our state and country. Using their background knowledge on Native Americans, students examined how differing viewpoints and culture can lead to a cultural clash and conflict. The study of early Native Americans is a foundation for our future studies throughout the year.


Students in 8th-grade science have been super busy this quarter! We began the school year learning about science safety. Students were required to sign a digital safety contract showing they understood the importance of lab safety. Next, we moved on to our unit on matter. Students learned about atomic structure and the periodic table. We also learned about the properties of matter, chemical equations, and the law of conservation of mass. Students participated in various activities, including density labs, chemical changes labs, and escape rooms. Just recently, our 8th-graders started a unit on energy resources. Currently, we are learning about the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and nonrefundable energy. Finally, all 8th-grade science students participated in the NC Check-In exam for physical science. Our next topics include biotechnology, microbiology, molecular biology, and ecology.

7th Grade

Language Arts

Seventh grade English/Language Arts began the 2022-2023 school year with the theme of "Identity". Seventh graders read literature that focused on distinguishing and appreciating ourselves as individuals, and valuing the uniqueness in others.


Seventh graders have been working hard to get themselves familiar with proportional relationships. We have used these relationships to compute unit rate, compare proportional tables, graphs, and equations while applying the skills to real-life scenarios such as discounts, taxes, and tips.

The next unit we will study is rational numbers. We’ll apply students’ previous understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve rational numbers in a real-world context.

After rational numbers, students will investigate the world of probability. They will be using collected data to approximate the probability of a chance event and use simulation to generate frequencies. Hopefully, in the end, they will be better able to objectively predict who will win the next Super Bowl!

Thank you parents for making sure your children are staying motivated, organized, and responsible. Seventh-grade math progresses quickly, requiring hard work and constant attention. Thanks again!

Social Studies

Our seventh graders have been very busy during the first nine weeks in Social Studies! We started the year by learning about and reinforcing our historical thinking skills, then used those skills of inquiry to learn about the movement of people with examples of forced and voluntary migrations. We finished out the quarter with our unit on turning points in history, including the Black Plague, the voyages of Zheng He and Christopher Columbus, the Renaissance, and the Protestant Reformation.


The first nine weeks in 7th grade Science have been very busy. We have already learned about the characteristics of living things and plant and animal cells. Coming up in the 2nd nine weeks we will be learning all about the 11 major human body systems. We are already looking forward to dissecting frogs at the end of this unit.

6th Grade

Language Arts

Our first 9 weeks of ELA have been busy. We have been learning how to summarize texts, identify the central idea of a selection, and recognize the theme. We will continue to build upon these skills as the year progresses. We are ending the nine weeks with a novel study of "All the Lovely Bad Ones." This will help prepare us for the ghost stories for our SpookTales field trip.


We are working on showing growth this year and building and solidifying a sturdy math foundation for middle school! We started the year building our notes with our new math topics so that students have a reference when working and practicing at home or in class. Students have been practicing topics such as the Area of 2D shapes, Surface Area of 3D shapes, Factors & Multiples, GCF & LCM, Divisibility Rules, and Prime Factorization.

It is imperative to the success of our sixth-grade math students that they each be fluent with their multiplication and division facts. Practicing these at home can help sharpen your student's math skills! Students should be studying their math notes and keeping up with their weekly homework every week for spiral review practice as well.

We are excited to move into our next unit of decimals and solve operations with decimals!

Social Studies

In 6th grade, we studied the Neolithic and Paleolithic eras as well as Mesopotamia and the first written laws by Hammurabi. Our next unit is Egypt. Students are taking a tour of Ancient Egypt by learning about their government, religion, social groups, politics, and economy.
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Sixth-grade science students have been learning about soil quality and formation and how that fits into the rock cycle. This extended into their studies about the layers of the earth based on composition and physical properties. The students also spent some time working on their essays titled “Water…The Cycle of Life” after enjoying a field trip learning about the importance of soil and water in our community. The teachers are looking forward to continuing our study of Earth Science and moving into Space Science next quarter.

Other News

Literature Studies

Literature Studies is a course designed to teach students how to enhance and monitor their reading comprehension through the use of reading strategies. Students use their critical thinking skills to make inferences while reading, by learning how to ask questions about the text and question the author’s purpose as well as the content.

Students use note-taking skills to summarize the text as they read, make connections, and to analyze information while engaged in reading a variety of genres. Students learn to evaluate information and make decisions based on evidence from the text in order to build a deeper level of comprehension.

Through the use of reading strategies, students learn to become active participants in the reading process and determine which strategies are most compatible with their learning style. Students use their 21st Century Skills to analyze world events and enhance their problem-solving ability through oral and written communication as well as collaboration with their peers. Students have been enthusiastic about sharing their ideas during the Picture of the Day analysis.

Sixth-grade students have been investigating graphic novels in addition to informational texts. Students focused on the character traits of their lead character and analyzed the conflicts each character faced while discussing possible resolutions. Students were also able to compare and contrast their own life with that of their characters.

Seventh-grade students have been reading about the issues of bullying and overcoming conflicts. Students have been using their critical thinking skills to analyze the complex issues, which are prevalent in our society and discuss ideas for solving these concerns within their community.

Eighth-grade students have been reading about scientific issues dating back to 1848, relating to the understanding of Phineas Gage’s brain. Students are also analyzing character behavior and thoughts to discuss the elements that propel the action in their literature.

“In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” Charles Darwin

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Health Class

We began health class by studying personal health. We discussed things like personal hygiene, sun safety, injury prevention, environmental health, and 8th grade learned how to perform CPR.

Officer Schaeffer joined our 6th-grade classes on Wednesdays to implement the STARS program with them. The STARS program addressed the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Nurse Mincey also accompanied us to talk about vaping and smoking.

We are ending the 9 weeks by studying Mental Health and identifying resources in our community for support to address mental health.

LMS Flag Crew

Three 7th-grade Boy Scouts have volunteered to be the "Flag Crew" for LMS this year. Lucas Smith and Brayden Partee of Troop 72 and Bryson Paschall of Troop 383 will be responsible for raising and lowering the US and NC flags each morning and afternoon in front of the school. The boys understand what an honor it is to be put in charge of such an important job and look forward to the responsibility.
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