WKMS's Library Winter Update: 2021

Dr. Conrath, Librarian & Mrs. Patterson, Library Assistant

WKMS Ranks #3 Out of 31 Other Schools in Lex 1 For E-Book Usage!

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Mrs. Tapia' s Class Shares Coding Project To Display In The WKMS Learning Commons

As students walk by the learning commons on the way to class or lunch, they can see new coding projects from Mrs.Tapia's computer science class. Students used accessible household items and made creatures that they designed code for in class. Please check them out through our window as you walk by.

Library Book Check Out On Wheels

While the WKMS Library is providing safe book check outs via the Google Doc request option during the pandemic, your library program is also now offering scheduled classroom visits though the "Books On Wheels" program. During a class visit, students can select one paper book checkout for a two week period. To request a "Books On Wheels" visit, please email Dr. Conrath at rconrath@lexington1.net

Classroom Collaboration Pathfinders

Over the most recent weeks, your library program has collaborated with several teachers to enhance and facilitate classroom projects.

Classic Art Through Contemporary Art

Finding Minerals & Their Benefits: Resources

Unique & Legendary American Figures: People You Didn't Know, But Should

After collaborating with Mr. Sellars, his students produced the following presentations:

Cultural Diversity Projects Link

If you would need a similar resource connection for a lesson, please contact the WKMS Learning Commons for more information.

Dr. Conrath

E-book Circulation Statistics This Year: On Avg., Over 3 E-Books Read Per Student.

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Library Warhawk Book Club

While Physically Distanced, Not Socially Distanced...Through Books

For students who love to read and for students who want to start reading to share their discovered stories with others, come join the Library WarHawk Book Club. Anyone can join. All you have to do is go to Schoology and sign up under the "group code," FSK8-NT38-5VCKX. Once you're signed up you can share what you're reading and discover some of the club projects we are working on to promote reading. For example, you can create a book commercial on Flipgrid about the book you recently finished. You'll want to encourage another reader to read what you read, but don't give away the ending!

Developing Empathy Using Specific Graphic Novels

Last month, Jerry Craft, Tracy Edmunds, Grace Ellis, Talia Hurwich, Rossie Stone, and Anthony Zuiker joined others for a lively and insightful conversation about developing empathy with comics and graphic novels.


Retired Books & A Renewed Purpose Through Donation

While the WKMS library has worked to purge books that are beyond their expiration date, many of those books still have ways they can be used. Some were repurposed to classroom libraries in the school. Others have been sent to classrooms like art.

A large collection also found a good home through a foundation called, Hope For Liberia. A local attorney, Mr. Mark Arden, coordinated the repurposed books for delivery to a new school in Liberia that will have the only library in a geographic area similar in size to South Carolina.

Junior Library Guild (JLG) Digital E-book Reminder

JLG Digital May Be Found In Your ClassLink Launchpad.

Here's the official WKMS hyperlink:


JLG Digital Highlights

  • Truly simultaneous, multi-user access from any device.
  • A revolving selection of Gold Standard ebooks and audiobooks. New titles enter the JLG Digital stream monthly, much like other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple Music, giving your readers access to a rotating online bookshelf of new and noteworthy reads.
  • A full year with 150+ revolving titles
  • Digital reading tools for success. Readers can make notes, highlight content, set bookmarks, search indexes, build presentations, and access citation guides right from the digital page.
  • Widest variety of formats and genres. Your readers will find exactly what they love in our revolving digital collection, from fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, audiobooks, eBooks, and read-a-long titles.

Username: wkms

password: Ebooks


Books Added To Our Collection

So far this school year, the WKMS LC program has added over 360 print and electronic books.

Your library program has also added ComicsPlus, an e-book database, which includes more than 1,000 unlimited circulation titles.

During The 1st Semester, 1,852 Outdated Books Were Removed To Make Room For Upcoming New Books

Young Minds Dreaming Poetry Contest

Students in grades three through 12 have less than one month to enter the Young Minds Dreaming Poetry Contest with their poem of what inspires them. Entries are submitted electronically on the SCSL website. We welcome poems in English, bilingual Spanish-English, or transcribed from those who have a visual disability. This spring Pat Mora, the author ofBookjoy, Wordjoy, will help us celebrate the 2020 and 2021 winners from each age group. The submission deadline is February 15, 2021.First, second and third place winners are determined by judges for Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, and Grades 9-12.