Welcome Back!

First Week @ MGES

I hope you have all had a relaxing and wonderful summer! It's so important to take time for yourself and your family to rejuvenate and actually feel human. So, I hope you were able to do both!

Some of you may be anxious about rolling into this new year, and I understand. Change can be scary, but the one thing we can control is the opportunities we offer our students. Everything we do is for them.

I want to extend a very special welcome to those new to MGES. Please go out of your way to help our new people feel at home. We will do a formal introduction of these folks Wednesday morning.

Between now and Thursday, find a quote that speaks to you or moves you in some way. It can be related to school, home, or family. Completely up to you. Bring a hard copy of the quote on Thursday and be prepared to share why you selected it. Please make sure your name and reason are written on the quote. I want to keep them.

I've been studying your data and it is clear that the bar you've set for continuous improvement is high. I look forward to a year of learning how to get even better, sharing our successes with the community, shining a brighter light on our students, and continuing the tradition of excellence you all have worked so hard to achieve.

See you soon,


Our First Week:

Wednesday, August 13

8:30-9:15am - Introductions in Media Center

Coffee, juice, doughnuts

Thursday, August 14

9am - Opening Meeting in Media Center

Lunch Provided

Kindergarten Assistants must attend opening meeting

Friday, August 15

9:00 - District Rally at South Pointe High School (We have to be seated by 9:50)

Every district employee to attend. Please wear MGES polo shirts with khaki bottoms.

Kindergarten Assistants must attend Rally

Monday, August 18

10:30 - 6pm - Adjusted Teacher Hours

4:30 - 6pm - Meet the Teacher

Kindergarten Assistants must attend Meet the Teacher

Tuesday, August 19

2pm - Tying up Loose Ends in Media Center

Wednesday, August 20

First Day for Students!

Canvas Challenge

If you haven't completed the challenge, please do so. Our beginning of the year documents will be stored there.