News from Thailand

What (in Helen's World) is Going On

First 10 Days on the Ground in Thailand

Exhilarating. Overwhelming. Encouraging. Day 1: Welcomed by the entire HUG Project Thailand team- who showed up at the airport in the middle of the night! Unexpected and much appreciated. Day 2: One last day of sightseeing with my Aunt and Uncle and 2 cousins- who travelled with me from the US to Seoul, Korea to Chiang Mai. So grateful for precious time with family! Day 3: Attended a presentation that gave an excellent overview of the HUG Project (see below). Days 4-5: Intro to navigating the Thai landscape and culture by my gracious hosts (a sweet missionary couple from the US who are helping me to get established here). Don't know what I would do without them. For reals. Days 6-8: A retreat with several girls from the HUG Project (see below). Left me feeling helpless and hopeful at the same time. Day 9: All-day Leadership Training. More drinking from a fire hose. Day 10: Today. I still haven't had a Thai massage!? That is scheduled for Day 11.

Our God is a Consuming Fire

On the final night of our retreat, each camper and staff person was asked to write down something that has been keeping us in bondage. It could be a memory, a resentment, a destructive habit, an emotion, a pattern of thinking... Anything that has been keeping us from being/becoming/having/experiencing all that God intends for us, as His children.

I wrote down the word 'FEAR' on my paper. One by one, we threw our pieces of paper into the campfire. I'm grateful that my God is bigger than my fear.

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