3A: A Week at a Glance

Week ending October 2, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Adams

Please have your child bring in a set of ear buds to use during class with the iPads. Label his/her name on the ear buds with a piece of tape or any other way that works.

Remind your child to bring his/her agenda on Fridays (and every day!). We need the agenda for the spelling test, since the words are stapled in there. Thanks!

If you bring a class treat, please be sure it is already cut into pieces/slices (ie. brownies, cookie cake, cake...). This saves me the time from having to cut equal pieces for all of our classmates.

Finally, we received a great buzzer game through the Highlights forms that were returned at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, the game takes 8 triple A batteries, and chances are, they'll need to be replaced after only a few uses. If anyone is willing to donate a few AAA batteries, I'll put them in a baggie to store as my replacements so I don't have to keep buying them! Thanks so much!

Thanks and I hope your child is enjoying 3A!

Week of Respect

Monday 10/5 – Wear blue for World Bullying Prevention day

Tuesday 10/6 –– Wear your favorite color for Respect Yourself

Wednesday 10/7 – Wear your favorite team for Respect your Peers

Thursday 10/8 – Wear Haddonfield colors (black and red) or Lizzy Haddon colors (blue and white) for Respect your School Community

Friday 10/9 – Wear green for Respect your Environment

Congratulations Lizzy Haddon! BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL!

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Comic Strips

We found a fun website called Bitmoji Comics and had a great time creating comic strips to show examples of the four types of sentences (statements, commands, exclamations, and questions). We only have a 30 day free trial, but feel free to use it in the meantime...


Our class code is 3A15 (it is case sensitive)

Find your name, and the password is password.

Have fun!

Below is a sample of Allie's comic strip with her four types of sentences. How fun are these!?!? Engaging, fun, and creative all in one!

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Complimenting our Buddies

We met with our writing buddies and gave them a "compliment sandwich". That means they started with a compliment, then gave a suggestion or question, and then ended with a compliment. Below are pictures as they sat with their buddy.

Lap Top Fun in Math

We used the laptops to practice making change with money. We played a shopping game and had to act as the cash register and figure out how much change we would get back.

Another laptop activity was to practice reading pictographs on an interactive site.

Pollinating Plants with Bee Sticks!

Not sure why the video looks like striped lines, but if you hit play, it works!
Pollinating Plants 3A

Hooking in our Readers

With partners, we looked through Ranger Rick magazines to find good "hooks" in different articles. Then we shared them with the class. Ranger Rick has some very creative ways to start their articles!

Introducing our Star Student... Audrey!