Pulaski Pool

Save the Pulaski Pool


How many of you have taken swim lessons or swam at the Pulaski Pool. Now How many of you heard about the referendum where the pool was going to be torn out and replaced at the high school offering services for all age groups.

General Information

  • Pool Age 33 years
  • Expected life 30 years
  • Boilers broke (heats PCMS, Pool and any water)
  • Shut down 21 girls, 14 boys and 68 club members out of a pool
  • No Lessons
  • piping under the pool
  • over 30 staff members



Saving the pool

Splitting the Referendum

  • Gives freedom to voters
  • choosing what you want for our community

Raising money on own

  • money earned in swim lessons
  • Support from the community


this pool has been there for every ones needs