by Jacob Foehrkolb

Type of Music

Reggaeton is listened to mostly in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, more specifically, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Usually the type of people associated with it are hispanic, or Latin American.


The basis for the rhythm was formed in Jamaica, while the finalized rhythm and lyrical content was formed in Panama, but was popularized by Puerto Rican artists. It got popular starting in 2004. It has musical influences from Jamaican dancehall, Trinidadian soca, salsa, bomba, Latin American hip hop and electronica.


The most popular rhythm associated with Reggaeton is the "Dembow riddim" which was first highlighted in the song "Dem Bow" by Shabba Ranks. It is entirely percussive with multiple drums and cymbals being used. The lyrical structure is similar to hip hop's. It is usually associated with parties and special events.


Sandungueo is a dance usually associated with Reggaeton music. It focuses on grinding, normally with the male standing close behind the female facing her back.

Famous Musicians

Reggaeton Today

Today, some popular Reggaeton musicians are Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, Plan B and Ivy Queen. It is mostly listened to in Latin America and the US and it is mostly associated with being party music.
Daddy Yankee -Lo que paso paso