C.I.C.A.N Chronicles

"2013 The Year of Transformation"

Week of June 23rd-29th

Welcome To Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations

"The Church That Prays." "Taste the Glory!"

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Greetings From Bishop and Pastor Williams

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Healthy Nuggets From Sundays Sermon Entitled "Over the Hills and Through the Woods" by Bishop Rick Williams Sr.

Scripture References: Matthew 4:1- 11 Samuel 23:1-29

After you turn 40 some give you birthday cards that say "Over the Hill!"

In life you will have tribulations

Saul heard the people singing "Saul has slain his thousands David ten thousands."

Saul didnt like this. An evil spirit from God came on him.

Anything over 200 feet is considered a mountain.
A hill is not on level land.

A lot of times God speaks a word in your life.

Jesus was led to wilderness to be tempted.

Sometimes it seems all hell breaks lose after you have been given a word.

Doubt creeps in suddenly after a good word is given to you.

A hill is a place that's raised.

Some of us go over hills and experience the incline which gives us strength.

We have different terrains in life.

Satan took Jesus high on a mountain.

God wants us to go to different levels.

Hills are a strategy in war. Enemy took more strength and endurance going up a hill.

There is safety on a hill. The air is better there.

On top of a hill is a best place to breath. Its a healthy place.

Your voice echos. Psalms 120 :1 I look to the hill from whence cometh my help.

Theres help on the hill.

God wants us to transition from the valley to the top of hill where there is rest.

Matthew 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

Jesus was led into the wilderness. Most of time on hill you give praises but in the valley you get dismayed. On the hill you are in the right position but you cant see through the forest for the trees.

In the wild things are wild. Its where the Wild Things Are!

There are times in life that we have wilderness experiences. Depression sets in. You are in the wild and don't want to do anything. Your vision is obscured.

There all kinds of things in the wild. You hear unfamiliar sounds. There is no rest in the wooded area. You cant see. Your breathing is bad. You smell and see death. its not like being on the hill.

You cant see in the woods so you feel like your alone.

In the woods you put on survival helmet.

You feel like you wanna die.

David had experience living in the wild. He had experience killing wild animals.

David helped the city and wondered would they give him up to Saul.

Sometimes people will tell your wilderness experience to others after you have given them your last. They know your secrets and know your business after they just helped you.

God said, " yes David, "they are gonna tell on you.

in life experiences all of a sudden the person you helped is not thankful. They say, "I don't need you.

David left because it was not a safe space.

You must go over hills through the woods. Holy Spirit will lead you to fathers house.

No matter who has scandalized your name God will keep you in the wilderness and lead you in the woods. You wont get stuck in the woods.

You wander round and round in the woods.

in the woods you feel you are the only one going through. Your delusional and theres deception in the woods.

You must put your trust in God no matter what.

God takes you through it and protects you there.

God sustains you. He will bring you through it! He knows that his words will come to fruition. You will be led to the wilderness to be tested to see what you've learned. You may not hear Gods voice. He will send his angels to minister to you.

'During a test in school, the teacher is always silent until the test is over."

Are you in a place you don't know if your in or out of the woods. Know that God will lead you! He is there!

**What a powerful word we received from Bishop Williams this morning!" Lives were transformed and many found their way out of the woods into the light of day! Hallelujah! We rejoice with you!

As Bishop says, "You cant get stuck in the woods." Trust God to lead you.

Right now the Body of Christ is under an open heaven. Slow down and heed the voice of Holy Spirit. He is the one who consoles, comforts, encourages and uplifts. He refreshes and will intercede on your behalf.

He is speaking through Bishop, Pastor Williams and others to assist you in your journey. If you need help & guidance as you journey, "Over the Hill and Through the Woods," please order this life changing message taught by Bishop Williams.

The table is spread and all that you need is laid out there.

Contact the church to order your copy today!

God bless!

Special Message From Pastor Denise Williams

Worship was incredible Sunday! Minstrels Musicians, Psalmists and Worshipers you helped us to usher in the presence of The Lord!!! Lets continue our pursuit of God in worship. The harp and bowl ministry. The atmosphere is pregnant with the possibilities of the miraculous. Intercession, prayer and worship will dispel this gross darkness that is trying to cover the earth! Cry out in prophetic warfare! When they began to sing and shout The Lord set ambushment against the enemy. Lets route the enemy! Abelmahola! The place of the dance!!! Set us ablaze! So that men will see and glorify the Father in heaven!

Also, The church is open if you want to just sit in His presence, Pray or worship! It's your Father's house! A praying church is a powerful church!!!

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Sunday Morning Highlights

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Happy Birthday Bishop Williams!" Love From C.I.C.A.N Youth and Young Adults!

Church Humor

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"This guy needs to network with Bishop Williams for some pointers!"

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C.I.C.A.N "Praise Break!"

Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations
Preashea Hilliard | Oh How We Love You + Prayer

Weekly Reminders

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Sunday Intercession 10:00 am Sunday Service 10:30 am

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"Couples In Christ" Marriage Ministry Meets Fourth Friday of Each Month

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Bibles For Jamaica

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Bibles For Jamaica

Can you provide one bible for a person in Jamaica that wants to read Gods word?

If so, "The Richmond Church of Christ" Manchester Jamaica, is in need of bibles. C.I.C.A.N Domestic Missions Outreach is sponsoring a Bible Drive. Anyone can participate.

We are in need of 40 standard size, hard back KJV or NKJV Bibles. The drop off is set up in the church foyer. (Please place your bibles inside the gold box by the exit doors).

"Anyone can participate."

The drive will end this Sunday, July 7th, 2013. Monetary donations to purchase bibles are also welcome.

For additional information, please see Elder Angela Green or Sister Robin Stewart.

Thank you, your participation is greatly appreciated.

Mission Soul Reach Possible

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The Youth & Young adults are sponsoring an evangelistic outreach campaign to minister "Care" to the men and women in the military. We are calling it "Mission Soulreach Possible."

We solicit your support, ideas, and participation to help us raise money for this great mission.

Will you help? Our goal is to send 25 to 50 prepackaged care packages by the end of July.

Contact: MIT Talita Mapp or Young Adult Leader Chi Chi for more information following the service.

Thank you in advance!

Letters of Love & Support To Our Soldiers

The Youth and Young Adults will be writing letters to our soldiers and would also like for the children to participate. Sometimes just a friendly letter of appreciation with a cute smiley face is just what a lonely soldier needs after a long day in the field.

If you would like your child to participate, please have them write a little letter of appreciation, the size of notebook paper (Its ok for parents to assist) for example: "Hello! Thank you for protecting our country." Add some cute drawings and if possible, stickers to make it EXTRA special for whomever will be opening it!

If your child feels they're not the best artist, that's okay! They may also cut out coloring sheets, decorate them and paste to note paper! Everyone is creative in different ways!

When you are finished, bring it to church and see Mrs.Shay who will be so excited to take a picture of your "masterpiece" to post it in the weekly newsletter for the whole world to see! That would be AWESOME! So, "Do YOUR best!" ;-)

Please make sure if you use glue its dry before submitting your letter.

The letters will then be given to M.I.T Talita Mapp or Sister Chi Chi to mail to the appropriate parties. Have fun!

Thank you for your support!

Parental Note:

  • Address the letter to "Dear Soldier."

    Write a positive letter, showing your support for the soldiers who are putting their lives at risk. Perhaps tell the soldier something about yourself, but nothing too personal. Child's example:"I like strawberry yogurt. How about you?" Teens: Focus the letter on your appreciation for what the soldier is doing and on general topics that would likely be of interest. Perhaps write about sports or current events. Write in a conversational tone as if you were writing to an old friend. No PERSONAL INFO please.

  • Special Thanks From Bishop Rick Williams Sr.

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    Bishop Williams expresses his love and many thanks for all gifts and acts of kindness shown to him in celebration of his birthday which was, Thursday, June 27th.

    May God bless each of you for your labors of love!

    Support Missions

    If you would like to sponsor a child or make a donation to Haiti,

    please call the church for more information.

    Volunteers For Church Clean Up

    There is the need for someone to clean the church on the 5th and 1st Saturday of each month. You could come as a team, with another family or ministry or you could swap out with someone every other month. There are many ways to serve in this area even if its just picking up trash in the sanctuary after each service.

    "When you take care of Gods house, he will take care of yours!"

    Happy Birthday To All July Babies!

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    Prayer For the Sick, Shut In and Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones

    Prayer For All Leaders

    Special Thanks!

    On the behalf of Bishop and Pastor Williams, you are invited to attend any of our weekly services! "Come just as you are!"

    Special thanks and appreciation for the faithfulness of all C.I.C.A.N congregants, family and friends that support this ministry. "May God never forget your labors of love!"

    Remember, "There Is No Law Against Love!"

    In His Presence,

    The Chronicler, Shawanda "Shay" Anthony

    "Sometimes those you find hardest to love need it the most."

    Our Mission

    To be in relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to reach others by preaching the gospel house to house, city to city, and nation to nation.