For The Gifted

About a girl who's life is not as easy as it seems

Monday May16th

Chapter 1 Jade

As usually my sister is bugging me and right now most people would be at school doing biography's on Theodore Roosevelt or playing on the play ground well i would be doing that but i have a problem I'm at home and i'm not doing any school work because i just got expelled because i wanted to get out of that school it was so boring and i wanted a little fun instead of being cooped up in a class room with 50 kids and no other room yeah i'm not rich and nether is anyone in my class our parents can barely afford a apartment you see we are not like all those other kids who go shopping all day or go out to dinner, get a spa or anything like that i sit at home while i eat bread everyday of my life theirs this girl that just moved down the street and she is mega rich she has 5 pools, 2 hot tubes, 16 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms i cant even have my own bathroom because i'm to busy sharing 1 bathroom with my 5 sisters nothing is worse than that.

Tuesday May17th

Chapter 2 Kaylie

My mom is just so nuts i cant believe she would agree to move to a dirty dirt filled town back in the Southampton i had a lot more friends tomorrows my first day at school and i don't even have an dress so i go to the mall of course right when i got there. A sign said "sorry were closed due to the smell of dead rat" Eww that's so gross why would i even want to shop here anyway with the mossy floor and the stains on the rough twirly carpet. Bleeh why did i every decide to go here if i would of said no i would have been with my old friend Kayla in Paris eating crumpets and bread . Plus our house is so dirty the people who used to live her must of had a dog because on this nice fresh carpet there is dog pee EVERY WHERE!!! why did i ever think my life would be better here.

Wensday May18th

Chapter 3 Jade

I did not want to go to school today its been three weeks can you just tell my mom you hate me and get it over with already. There's this new girl their and she has all the cool kids looking at her and hanging out with her why is she so special i barely even have a friend I was in the cafeteria today talking to her friends about how she hates this school and could have been and Paris and she's having an open in role in a new school next trimester and the thing is shes ADORABLE with her 5 inch heels and her silky blond hair and her old black jeans. While i'm in the crowd of 5 year old high tops and my rough sticky black hair with my bright red shirt with a Pepsi logo on it you see i can never be like her shes to cute i still cant believe she went to this school i bet shes going to move back to Southampton and i live in a dirty 15 year old apartment with my 5 sisters my mom and my 2 brothers and we all share the same bathroom and shes perfect she does not have to share a room or a bathroom she gets anything she wants my life is like this because!!!

Thursday May19th

Chapter 4 Kaylie

School is amazing i am the most popular girl in the school everyday i get flowers or box's of chocolates and everybody looks terrible so the first day of school i looked fabulous but there's this weird girl who is in all my classes and sits next to me in all of them her name is Jade she really needs help she looks terrible she had a terrible Pepsi Cola shirt and it had about 15 stains on it she obviously didn't notice. But today after school i went to the mall with my new friend Lizzy she is just amazing she goes to the best places and finds the cutest things shes amazing i even treated her to a spa and getting our nails done we had SO much fun then i told her that we should save up and move to Paris together when we are out a high school and then go to a 3 billion dollar collage we agreed so we saved up over these 3 weeks shes saved about 10,000 dollars and saved up about 3 million she is not poor like the others and her parents and my parents actually knew each other since they where young so that explained why we both got along so well i'm so excited soon we will be roaming Paris eating crumpets and bread just like i had always imagined.

Friday May 20th

Chapter 5 Jade

So today i saw the new girl again she had a new hair do she called it the top bun she looked so adorable like always so i decided i would try my best and look good to the only thing i could find was paper so i took it to good use and made a paper dress with a bow and shoes it looked amazing she will love it and think i had just thought of the new season hot dress but you can not wash it so don't get ANY stains on it so i quickly grab my new blue pack pack and rush to school when i got there i saw people smiling and laughing i knew right then and there i looked terrible the i saw her she was wearing a sun dress with cute purple shoes. She looked fantastic right when she looked at me she said"DID YOU JUST GET THAT DRESS AND SHOES FROM THE DUMP DOWN THE STREET" i looked at her and ran crying how could she i did this for her and all i got where rude comments i went to the office and called my sister she knows when i'm upset at school to rush and get me she was there in about 2 minutes after that i got in the car and cried the whole way home

Monday May23rd

Chapter 6 Kaylie

I cant believe that goody to shoes would ever try and talk to me she looked like she was trying to impress me but there is no impression right when she walked in i had noticed paper cuts all over her legs. She could never ever be like me with my 2000$ limo and my 6000$ shoes i know that she may be a somebody but she's a nobody with her black hair that looks like she cut it her self and with her Pepsi cola t-shirt that i saw at Walmart the other day for 25 cents she could never be my friend and i know she tried marrow the school is going to have its first prom and me and her are fighting for prom queen she could never win that kind of dress she dose not even have popularity.
Prom is always so hard for me in these times of years i can never find anything to wear even though i never even been to prom before i had calmed my self after thursday luckly my sister called the school on friday so i ddint go i dont really like going to school but today i was fresh and awake and i want to YELL at that girl my sister agreed after all the rude things but i figured the only way to fight back is to be prom queen!!! But like that is ever going to happen because she's so popular and adorable that i could'nt even stand a chance agenst her she's so beautiful plus the mall's closed and we have no money how am i ever goign to go to prom when i dont have anything to wer except my paper dress so i sneak into the mall that night they where not kidding i saw dead rat and smelt it to YUCK!! that was terrible after i quickly ran in and found the perfect purple dress with matching gloves and diamonds all over it i would look FABULOUS maybe this will be a good prom after all.