My Mount Rushmore

By Jason Franklin

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My Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial was made by Gutzon Borglum. It is near Keystone, South Dakota. It has 4 faces on it: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It was finished in 1941. If I could design my own Mount Rushmore I would have the following people, who are important to me ,carved into the granite: my Mom, my Dad, my Grandma Hinrichs, and Benjamin Franklin.

Jeri Franklin

The first person I would put on my Mt.Rushmore would be my mom Jeri (Hinrichs) Franklin. She always steers me in the right direction. She tells me who to trust and who not to and she also helps me with homework. We have good times together, even when I’m feeling down. When I’m sad or depressed, she makes me happy again.

Tom Franklin

The second person I would nominate on my Mt.Rushmore is my dad,Tom Franklin. My first reason is that he helps me with scouts. He helps me earn pins, patches, and badges. Another reason is that he is always there for me. He helps me when mom is not around.

Kay Hinrichs

My grandma, Kay Hinrichs,would be third person I would put on it. The first reason is she is nice and easy-going. She always lets me have fun at her house. Another reason is she lets me do what I want, when I want to. She lets me eat in the room I sleep in.

Benjamin Franklin

The last person would be Benjamin Franklin. I would him on my Mt.Rushmore because he helped with a lot of famous people. He helped with the writing of the Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson. The second reason would be that he made a lot of cool things. He made the bifocal glasses and many other things.


In the end, you have read about the four people that I would like on my Mount Rushmore. These people may not be on the real thing but they will always be in my heart. I hope you liked it and I hope you get to make one too.