Westwood Wrangler

Vol. # 3, Issue # 23

Support Employee of the Year 2015-2016!

Criteria for Support Employee of the Year

As you are aware each school principal submits one nomination from any school support category. This is the opportunity for us to show how much we appreciate the contributions of our support employees. The support categories are: REGULAR FULL TIME paraprofessional, clerical worker, school bus driver/attendant, food service worker, custodial/maintenance worker, or any other regular full time school support employee classification that does not require a teacher's certificate as a condition of employment.

At the WW Ranch the Deputies and Marshals submit their vote which is tallied and given to the Sheriff.

The factors / attributes that we are looking for in the Support Person of the Year are as follows:

  1. Exhibits skill and dedication in the job.
  2. Plans to continue active employment.
  3. Shows respect of and rapport with students.
  4. Shows respect of and rapport with co-workers.
  5. Exhibits community leadership.

Let me add at the WW Ranch consider that (support) Deputy that "Does More!"

The person who goes above and beyond for the Westwood Ranch Cowboys, Cowgirls, Deputies & Marshals.


Thank you for your entry - THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED.


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Attention Deputies & Marshals - Please send out to Dads & Male Mentors (i.e. Class Dojo)

2nd Annual Watch D. O. G. S. (Dads of Great Students)

This was a great retreat last school year!!

The WW Ranch won the banner for the most attendees to this function on last year.

We would like to win this year as well.

The Title 1 Parental Involvement Department is presently planning our 2nd Annual Watch D. O. G. S. (Dads of Great Students).

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This event is for a "dads" or "males" who make a positive difference in the lives of children during the school year. One of our goals in parental involvement is to encourage and challenge more dads to support and be more actively involved in school events. A guest speaker will motivate the dads; encouraging them to continue being positive role models.

We had a great time on the 2015 Watch D.O.G.S. Retreat!

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