Missing from 400 E. Broad St. in Falls Church

Jacoby has been missing since Oct. 19. He is very shy and may not approach people.

Jacoby is a 1-year-old neutered male gray mackerel tabby. He slipped out the door at 400 E. Broad St. on Oct. 19 and is likely in hiding nearby. We have been using humane traps, search dogs, and wildlife cameras to try to locate him -- we believe he is still very close to home, but he has not been spotted.

Jacoby was rescued from a feral cat colony as a kitten so has lived outside before. He is small, about 8-9 lbs. when lost. He is also microchipped.

If you are nearby, please check under porches, around backyard sheds, etc. He is VERY shy and will not approach strangers. If you see him, please call or email Erin (410-929-6622 or eharty@gmail.com) or Stephanie (703-534-1963 or stephmalevich@yahoo.com).