Environment, Technology, Culture, Economy


Globalization is the interaction between people, companies, and governments of many counties and how that effects the environment, culture, technology, and economy of them. Globalization also includes how the environment, culture, technology, and economy effects this trade interaction.

Six Word Claim. Globalization where, why, how we live.

This claim is explained through the entire page.

Environment and Geography

Environmental Globalization effects where people live because of the climate, terrain, and natural resources. People live where it is the most comfortable. People go where natural resources are and where the terrain is best for shipping and transportation of products. People also live around those ports because of the good climate and there are many factories there.

My product requires steel. Steel is made from Iron ore and is mined in China. The iron ore needs to be refined. Most of the world's iron comes from China. People must go to China and the locations of the mines. The map shows that all of the steel mills and ore ports are on the coast. This shows that environment and geography effects people and where we live. Many people live around all of these ports.
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Economic Globalization: The economy effects where people live. People will live around where ports are or where there is a lot of business. People need the economy and the jobs that are provided in these ports or area of natural resources.

My product effects the economy of china. It creates a demand for steel and a demand for iron ore to be refined. It also creates business for the container ships that will transport the product to a manufacturing plant in El Salvador. My product may also take business from smaller companies trying to produce this knife.


Cultural Globalization is the sharing of ideas and values between different cultures and it effects the relations between countries and governments. Today different cultures and ideas are being exchanged faster than ever thanks to all of the technology.

My knife makes people share ideas and have to communicate between many countries and businesses. People have to communicate between the iron mines in China and the manufacturing plant in El Salvador.

Laser Cut Knife Blanks - Stainless Steel


Technological Globalization is the growing interaction between us and technology. It allows us to communicate faster and make products faster and cheaper. With the new technology we can now cut knife blanks with a laser to make knife production much faster and cheaper. Technology lets us transport products faster and farther to allow different cultures and countries get the products they want.

How Globalization is Connected

All the parts of Globalization effect each other and effect people and where they live. Like how if there is a natural resource in the environment in an area it effects the economy and therefore draws people to an area. In that area there would then be businesses and all the people coming into the area would change the culture. Technology will effect the production and price of products and again the environment will effect how products are transported. As you can see all the different sections of globalization all effect one another and effect how, why, where people choose to live.
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How Globalization Effects Me.

Globalization Effects where, how, and why I am living where I am. Let's remember the four parts of globalization, Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Technological. One of the reasons I live where I do is because of the environment and how it is fairly good temperatures here for most of the year. The climate is good enough that we can grow enough of our own food to last the winter. Our area also has the ocean and large rivers right near it for trade. This allows products, goods, cultures, and different people to come to and from our area. That is also a reason that my family is here because it was easily accessible by ships that would bring immigrants over seas. There are many businesses here and lots of mills and river power for them. This makes for a good place to live and work. When all these things are put together it effects where how and why I am living where I am.

Problems and Solutions Created by Globalization.

As Globalization continues it creates some problems. It can take jobs and make it harder for the smaller developing countries to make ends meet. It may limit jobs and factories to bigger towns and cities that have the resources and transportation needs of a larger company. A solution for the smaller towns is that they can produce goods that are from their culture or they can produce goods that can only be made from resources in the area. These smaller towns just need to get their product or natural resource known by a larger company.

Globalization can effect me and create issues with finding jobs in our town. With globalization larger companies want to be in a populated area where there are people around to work and buy their product. In this area there is also good transportation from the product. This creates problems for me in a smaller town that doesn't have the access to jobs from a larger corporation. A possible solution is that you could work within your town in a small business that make and sell unique products to that town that would help and be funded by the tourist industry. The town could also use that to their advantage and create other jobs and make a larger town. Although Globalization causes problems it can also create solutions to those problems.

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The Future

In 15 years technology WILL greatly change my life and others' lives. I think all people will greatly rely on technology for everything they do. Cars will drive themselves getting rid of the need for driving tests. In school people may not even have to go to a school building. Everything may be done online at home and teachers will not be necessary. People will not be using paper notebooks and paper books. Everything will be online. The use of people will be reduced and things will becoming more mechanized. We may even have a colony on Mars. Whether it is for the good or the bad people are being eliminated in the advancement of technology. This may make it difficult for our generation to get jobs. Even in the past 20 years our technological advancements have been rapidly growing faster and faster. I think it is completely possible in the next 15 years for these things to be reality. If we like it or not technology is changing how we live.