Meadowbrook Weekly Update

Week of August 8, 2021


We will be holding registration Monday August 9th through Wednesday August 11th. Registration is required for all students, new and returning.

On Registration Day students will take their school pictures, receive their school ID, a Chromebook and pick up their textbooks. Registration dates are listed below:

8th grade on Monday, August 9th from 8am – 12pm
7th grade on Tuesday, August 10th from 8am - 12pm
6th grade on Wednesday, August 11th from 8am – 12pm

If you are unable to attend next week, our make-up Registration will be held on the first day of school Wednesday, August 18th at 7:00 a.m. in the Meadowbrook gym.


Your membership is vital to our PTSA. This year, our focus is on connecting our students to their school, staff, and each other while maintaining the high level of education Meadowbrook has always provided. We will be bringing back many programs that were canceled last year, and we need your membership to help us achieve our goals.

With your PTSA membership:

• You help fund our programs and activities throughout the year that benefit all students

• You support our teachers and staff

• You show your child that school matters, and you are invested in their success.

• You partner with the principal, teachers, and staff to make your child's school a safe, welcoming, hub of learning whether they are learning in person or virtually.

• You connect with other parents and become part of California State PTA and National PTA, the largest and most powerful children's advocacy organizations in the country.

• You help make sure parents and family members' voices are heard when important decisions that affect your school are made.

• You help provide Meadowbrook with programs and services that would not exist otherwise: Student Recognition, Career Fair, Honor Roll, 7th & 8th Grade End of Year Events, Reflections, Cross Country, Book Fairs, Volunteer Recognition, Staff Appreciation and much more.

Meadowbrook PTSA memberships are only $11 and it is SO EASY to Donate! ANYONE can be a PTSA member: parents, siblings, students, uncles/aunts, grandparents, cousins, co-workers and companies, and even unrelated friends or supporters! Our goal this year is 400 members, so please help us get there!

We have an easy online membership system to make joining our PTSA super simple. Take a picture of the QR code below and join online. We will also have membership forms available during registration week for those wishing to join with personal checks. Be sure to visit our table at registration!

Meadowbrook Education Foundation

The mission of the Meadowbrook Educational Foundation (MEF) is to provide funding, resources, support, and opportunities for school activities and programs that expand and enrich the educational experiences of our students, support our teachers and school staff.

We look forward to meeting you during registration, and if we may ask for you to take a minute to read the flyers with information on who we are and how you can support us. There are forms you can print and fill out to bring with your during registration.

Yearbook Distribution

2020-2021 MBMS yearbooks that were purchased but not claimed during the Spring 2021 end-of-year check-out process will be available for pick-up throughout registration. Families that need to pick-up a yearbook that was purchased last school-year should attend the designated registration day for their child(ren).

Important Dates to Remember

August 9-11, 2021 - Registration

August 18, 2021 - First Day of School

September 8, 2021 - Back to School Night

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