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May 2015 Newsletter


Welcome to the Young Living Family! As a member you get more than just a membership and discounts, you get the support of a family who will encourage and help you on your journey towards optimum health, allowing you to live life to its fullest. It is my privilege to lead team Ft Wallis and those searching to improve their lives through the phenomenal products produced by Young Living. Peace and blessings to you as you discover your life to its full!

SCOTTY McCREERY is coming to Convention!!!

In case you have not yet gotten your tickets to this years big kahuna YL convention, you might want to stop reading this newsletter now and click here to get your tickets asap!

It has recently been announced that country music star, Scotty McCreery, will be at convention being held here in the great state of Texas at the Gaylord resort in Ft Worth this August. ( Session A is August 2-6/ Session B is August 6-10). The convention is so big and so spectacular, YL has made 2 sessions to accommodate everyone- and the first session is already sold out! Now that details of what's to come are starting to emerge, I expect the second session to fly like hot cakes too. You want to be there! You have all the best resources to teach you all about your powerful amazing oils and how to use them while getting spoiled by the company with fantastic accommodations and entertainment. YL puts on spectacular conventions, and this is suppose to blow the past ones out of the water. I got mine for the first session, and I just might need to get some more for session 2 so I can see the rest of you there! Get your tickets and you'll be feelin' it too this summer at convention!
Scotty McCreery - Feelin' It
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My job is changing my life. I'm alive and running harder than before. Joy is bubbling from the inside and overflowing. Why would a network marketing job do this to someone? Can a job really effect a person this way? Yes!

Why? Because this industry, at it's core is about making yourself better so you can help make other people better. Only 20% of people who endeavor into network marketing discover this secret treasure, and are willing to work to get it. And the icing on the cake is that those who do are 5 times more likely to earn 6 digit incomes than those in traditional jobs. I've got goals and dreams that are already unfolding. I'm beyond excited about my future. My sleeves are rolled up, I'm working my dreams out and loving the results. Come join the ride!
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Notice that Ft Wallis Perks and Alicia 3rd Day BOTH have rewards for joining Essential Rewards this month- yes you get BOTH promos when you sign up for ER this month! Now's the month to join!
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So You Have Your Starter Kit... NOW WHAT?

You heard about the oils. You've made the plunge and got all oily with your first starter kit. Now what? Watch and learn what to do now with these powerful health tools and get started using those oils!

Ft Wallis Living is part of Danette Goodyear's team. She is our Diamond leader, and a fantastic leader in Young Living. One Tuesday a month, she hosts classes. If you live far and cannot make it, here is a video of a previous month's class "So You Have Your Starter Kit...NOW WHAT?" class. If you live in the DFW area, you want to get a ticket to this month's class. Click here to get your ticket- they always sell out.
So You Have Your Starter Kit
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There are a few corporate events this month in the Texas area. Corporate events are always something fantastic and well worth your time to attend. Check the dates below to find an event that fits your schedule this month:

(1) Nitro Events: "You love essential oils, but you want to know more—more about Young Living, essential oil science, how to share the oils you love with the people you love, and how essential oils can find a home in your home..." Click here for more info and to register.

May 11th: Austin, Texas
May 12th: Houston, Texas

(2) Young Living Intoductory: "What is Young Living, and what is an essential oil? How can essential oils benefit me and my family? ..." This single event here in Ft Worth hthis moth is expected to be only shadowed by convention, and will be the second biggest YL meeting of the year! Rumor has it there will be plenty of giveaways and a new unveiling. Click here for your tickets.

May 14th: Ft Worth, Texas

How To Host a Young Living Make-N-Take Party

Did you know you can host fun make-in-take parties in your home with your oils? You don't even need me (Although, I would LOVE to help you host one. They're so much fun! Yes, even you out-of-town peeps- I'll drive). No need to be a business builder to have fun sharing your oils and doing a little DIY party with friends. Click here to learn how to make an easy girls' night DIY happen in your home, or contact me to help.
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Chrissy's Corner

I'm a home-schooling mom of five fabulous kids, I manage our urban farm and now I'm running my own business. My husband and I love children and know our calling in life is to help and raise kids. Our 5th child is adopted and we want to adopt more, but are limited on my husband's income. My friend, Stephanie, introduced me to Young Living and their fantastic products. Having a long list of medical conditions in our home, including diabetes, asthma, thyroid disease, brain damage and more, Young Living has become a vital tool in our health arsenal. What got my attention is the opportunity to supplement our income, while working part-time hours around my family. We have already began realizing our goals. I'm on track to be able to not only get us financially positioned to afford our dream of helping and raising more children, but we will be able to bring Patrick home to work on a career he really enjoys within the next 2 years. While Patrick works full time on the job, I work part-time on our fortune!

Some of you I know personally, Some of you have joined my team through a friend and I have not yet met personally. So there's my story in a nutshell and now everyone know a little about me.. What's your story?