ACC Basketball Raffle

Duke/Carolina/Wake Forest/N.C. State

First United Methodist Church- Granite Falls Krimminger/Stallings Misson fund

The 2014 ACC Basketball raffle is sponsored by First United Methodist Church of Granite Falls. Proceeds will benefit the G.F. First Methodist Church Krimminger/Stallings Mission Fund that supports mission trips, Shepard's Table, service projects, and disaster response in places like Chichicastenango Guatemala, Baldwin Louisiana, and Caldwell County N.C. Our church sends teams locally, nationwide, and all over the world to share God's love by building and repairing houses or shelters, feeding the hungry, and assembling disaster relief kits.

First United Methodist Church Granite Falls N.C.

Saturday, March 15th, 6pm

9 Lakeside Ave

Granite Falls, NC

Church phone number is 828.396.2483