Fable Story

By: Karley Kent

The Butterfly and the Moth

Once upon a time butterfly and a moth, were playing in the woods. The moth had always been envious of the butterfly’s beautiful, and colorful wings. Sometimes the moth would paint his wings to look like the butterflies, but sadly it would just dry and crack off when he flew. When the butterfly noticed his jealousy she taunted him more, and the moth felt humiliated.

Later on the moth and the butterfly were frolicking in a nearby meadow. At the time they were flying near a small wooden cabin. There live a professor who was in the meadow to analyze the wing patterns on butterflies. The moth and the butterfly chased each other until they approached the cabin. From his home, the scientist could spy the insects, he dashed outside with a jar in his hand hoping to capture the creatures. Frightened they ducked for cover in a nearby bush. The moths wings blended into the surrounding area, but unfortunately the man could still see the butterfly from his stance. He swooped her up in a jar and raced back to his lab to observe it. The moth flew away and he never was ungrateful for his wings again.