Themes: Inferiority and Vitality

Western Europe's Inferiority

At the beginning of the middle ages, Western Europe was far less developed than other parts of the world in terms of technology and economical stability, The inferiority of Europe helps to show the hostility towards the powerful rise of Islam. The Crusades were a series of religious conflicts due to an outgrowth of Western anxiety about the growth of Islam.

Western Europe's Vitality

By the 11th Century, Medieval Western Europe began to change into a more advanced and successful area. This was due to population growth, technological advancements, and artistic complexity. Also, a stronger social structure and and political system would define Medieval Europe for centuries to come.


The Crusades were a series of religious conflicts or military expeditions in the 11th, 12th, and 13th Century undertaken by Western Europe to recover Holy Lands from the Muslims. This "Holy Land" was known as Jerusalem, and it 1095 the city was taken by Muslim Turks, killing thousands of Christians which eventually led to the first crusade.