The sideways plannet

Why we call it The tilted planet

The reason people call it the sideways planet is because the angle of Uranus is 97.92.


Distance from the sun: 2,750 to 3,000 million km

Rotational period in earth hours: 17 earth hours

Main components of the atmosphere: hydrogen 83%, helium 15%, and methane 2%.

Position from the sun: 7th planet from the sun

Size of Uranus: 4.1 x earth's size


Surface temperature range: -210c

Gravity: 0.903 x Earth

Moons: 27 moons; the 5 most common moons are Oberon, Titania, Ariel, Umbriel, and Miranda.

Rings: 13 rings

Axial tilt: 97.92

Uranus's meaning

Uranus translates to ''The Great God Of The Sky''.