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Origin of the Greek Folk House

The first Greek city house was built in the 5th or 6th century. In this time period, houses were built modestly so that the wealth and political power of the owner would not be shown. These houses were usually built out of natural items including mud, stones, marble, clay, and straw. Because these houses were made out of mud, the houses would fall apart in a few years, making it hard for the architectures to dig them up. The things that we do know comes from writings and drawings from that time period. Architecture wise, we mainly have knowledge in late archaic period (550 - 500 BC), the Periclean age (450 - 430 BC), and the early to pure classical period (430 - 400 BC). The main buildings that will be found in Greece are temples and ancient arenas. Ancient Greek houses were very small, but are found in very rural, isolated areas. Although there weren't necessarily any farms, people still lived in open courtyard areas. Within the house the Greek would keep traditional pots within their house, and on the exterior they would place a mask of some sort to ward of evil. These objects within the house and in the exterior is what makes it a folk house.

Diffusion of the Greek Folk House

During the Hellenistic Age, Alexander the Great diffused Greek culture to other areas of his empire. Alexander the Great's empire was 3,000 miles long and included the cities of Greece. Through this diffusion, he passed on many aspects of the greek culture, especially the greek architecture. Places around the empire began building their houses using the idea of using natural materials to build their houses, which was a large aspect of the greek house.

The Blueprints for our Houses

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First Floor of Folk House

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Second Floor of Folkhouse

The whole house is a total of 76ft by 71ft.

The house is made out of stone and mud.

The materials needed to construct this house are stone and mud for the house, as well as wood for the decorations (chair and table). Thick fabric may also be needed when making the rug in the Andron.

The color of the house is mostly white because of the stone, but can be a tinted orange on brown color as well. This brownish color represents the mud used in the hous. The decorations withen the house may be slightly colorful, but most of the decorations consist of chairs and tables which is made of wood.

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First Floor of Pop House

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Second Floor of Pop House

The whole house is a total of 79ft by 74ft.

This house is made out of bricks and stone.

To construct this house we will need bricks, stones, wood, power outliers, material for the cushions on the beds and chairs, as well as electricity and water for the sinks and showers.

Each room is painted a white color, with silver utilities, and the cushions on the chairs are red. The bead spread and cushions are a whiter color. The power outlets will have white heads over them, and the plants will be the natural green color.

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