Baseball Great

By: Jack C

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That is the book cover I'm reading.

Why I like my book

I like my book because there is suspense. The suspense in the book is when Josh first goes to the league team try outs. Also, his dad almost made the MLB. MLB stands for Major League Baseball. His dad pulled him out of league try outs, and brought him too a complex team called the titans. The team travels all around. When Josh gets there all the players get mad. When they try out the next day Josh makes the team, and the coaches won't say who they took for Josh. He figured out that it was his best friend. That's why I like the suspense in my book.

My book is a page turner

I also like my book because I can never put it down. The book always has me hooked. Such as when Josh almost took a pile from his team mate but he brought it to the doctor and figured out it was a steroid. Also, he found that his girlfriends dad was the supplier to the team for steroids. That's another reason why I really like my book.

My book has good detail

I also like my book because has good information. Such as it goes into good details about the main character. I also have a picture in my mind of what the character looks like. I think my main character has black hair, 5'6. That's another reason why I like my book.
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In the book they have a sports complex like the picture.

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That's a baseball that they play in games with.