Team LIMElight

Holiday Incentive

Holiday Incentive 413

Who is ready to {ROCK} the 4th Quarter!? I know I am!

Remember, what you do today, helps you succeed tomorrow.....

Introducing Team LIMElight's First Incentive:
Why 413?
This incentive is during the 4th quarter
This incentive is open to my 1-3 lines of my team

I want to thank you for working so hard and standing out in the LIMElight!

What Can I Win?

See that amazing Erin Condren Life Planner ^^ up there? That can be yours!

Here's how it works:

* $700 in PV for the month of October, you will get one entry

*For EVERY $1,000 PV you submit for November - December, you will get one entry

*For every ACTIVE ($99 in PV) Personally Mentored Designer that you sign from October-December, you will get one entry

I will draw ONE winner in the month of January, and that lucky winner will be able to choose the Erin Condren Life Planner of their choice!

**Please remember, this is only available to my front 3 lines**

Welcome to the TEAM!

This week, Team LIMElight welcomed our 50th team member!


Kristine Stevens ~ Senior Director (Shining Jewels), Direct to Corporate
Rochelle Britton ~ Senior Director (Whootie Whoots)
Melissa Ghane ~ Senior Director (Team Steamrollers)
Michelle Levitt ~ Director (Team Hedwig)
Michele Bradley ~ Director (Team Swift)
Whitney Robinson ~ Senior Team Leader (Team LIMElight)

Team LIMElight

Whitney Robinson

Independent Designer, Origami Owl

Mentor ID #1894

Senior Team Leader