Democratic Republic of the Congo

Culture of Democratic Republic of the Congo

The People

Congo has a population of 58.3 million and is growing at 3 percent annually. Also almost 50 percent of the population is under the age of fifteen! Plus there are over two hundred African Ethnic groups. Urban populations are growing rapidly.
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To greet someone in Congo they shake hands, smile, or greet verbally. Pointing at people in Congo is very impolite. They eat light breakfast like maybe tea and bread or some leftovers. Meals are usually eaten with the right hand only.
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Life Styles

Common fruits in the Congo are mangoes, oranges, pawpaws, and coconuts. Perishable foods are purchased a lot. Family structure in the Congo varies between each ethnic group. Large families usually live in the same house or in closely joined houses.
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President Joseph Kabila is Congo's chief of state and head of government and he has broad power over the three branches of government. Political chaos has ruined Congo's economy and most of the people there live in poverty. The Congo River is the main route for the country's commercial and transportation. The education system there is also ruined. There are not enough staff and enrollment levels.
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