Jolly Jellyfish

Yamato Matsumura


You’ll be shocked to learn that there are over 2000 different Jellyfish. Jellyfish eat many things, Jellyfish are made up of many things and looks different, and skillfully moves. These Jellyfish are extraordinary creatures.


In conclusion, Jellyfish are fascinating. These charming creatures have fascinating fascinating Diet’s, body structure and appearance, and movement. Did you know that jellyfish have been living for more than 500 million years. Some scientists say that jellyfish have been alive when it was the dinosaur age. Sometimes jellyfish are often referred as sea jellies. In my opinion even though jellyfish are harmful I still think jellyfish are thrilling sea creatures.


Use the top information to answer the question below.

Go fish

Here is a description of my imaginary fish tank I made with a budget with $250.

My theme for my fish tank was to have amazing saltwater fish that was colorful. The thing that helped me purchase these fish was I just chose all the colorful fish. The types of fish I chose where Lyretail Anthias fish, Lemon Peel Angel fish, Strawberry Dottyback fish, and Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse fish. I took 1 Lyretail Anthias fish,1 Lemon Peel Angel fish, 2 Strawberry Dottyback fish, and 1 Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse fish. I spent $238.50 on Supplies and fish. My fish will need about 19 gallons to support my fish.I spent a total of $117.02 just on fish. We spent $121.48 on supplies. Th Lyretail Anthias fish was red and I got it from petco. The Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse is blue,orange,red,and gray and I got it from petco. The Lemon Peel Angel fish is Yellow and I also got it from petco. The Strawberry Dottyback fish is purple and I got this too from petco. Based on that information I can tell petco has the best looking saltwater fish.


Here are some important key words about jellyfish
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comic strip

What you see below is a little comic about a person and a box jellyfish
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What you see below is a poem of address to a Jellyfish
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What you see blow is my Diorama. It includes a Great white shark, Blue whale, Jellyfish, Seahorse, starfish, octopus,coral,and seaweed.
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What you see below are some pictures of jellyfish
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you will see a video of a jellyfish swimming with more then MILLIONS of jellyfish