Kepler 452b

Another Suitable Planet

Planet Description and Space Voyage

The new planet Kepler 452b is a promising land that shows great opportunity. Get ready for a long trip of 14,000 years. It's OK though, our Space-Craft is rigged with over 100,000 Absolute Mono-Tubes. For more information about the Mono-Tubes please read the warning section below.

Kepler 452b

Diameter- 21,000km

Average Distance From its Sun- 158 million km

Average Temperature- 17.6F

Length of a Day- Unknown

Length of a Year- 385 Days

Number of Moons- 0

Number of Rings- 0

Acceleration due to Gravity: 14.42m/s(2)

Age On This Planet- 14

Weight- 172lbs

Compared To Earth

Diameter- 12,756km

Average Distance From its Sun- 150 million km

Average Temperature- 70.07F

Length of a Day- 23.934 hours

Length of a Year- 365.24 days

Number of Moons- 1

Number of Rings- 0

Acceleration due to Gravity: 9.8m/s(2)

Age On This Planet- 15


Interesting Facts

1.) It has a rocky terrain

2.) The star this planet orbits is very similar to our Sun

3.) it's located in the constellation Cygnus


1.) The green house effect. This will cause any nearby water to be evaporated due to its stars radiation.

2.) Unpredictable geology. This could be a problem because the Atmosphere could be affected by the lack of Volcanic activity.

3.) The Voyage...

Over Coming Problems

1.) We could try to reflect more Sunlight or harvest the suns rays with solar energy, using the solar panels would be more efficient seeing as it creates energy.

2.) To overcome this we would have to explore the terrain with rovers before we land and study it and overcome the obstacles.

3.) The New Mono-Tube contains technology that feeds you nutrients but puts your body in a dormant state to control your age.


In order to complete this wonderful journey you have to be put in an Absolute Mono-Tube. This machine feeds you nutrients and freezes your body to make sure you don't age at arrival. This new technology has been tested for many voyages and is intently safe. Also, we provide oxygen tanks that control your breathing to adapt to the thick atmosphere just encase you have health difficulty.

Take Off

Thursday, Nov. 1st 2210 at 12pm

Cape Canaveral, FL, United States

Cape Canaveral, FL

Tickets are free but you have to pass health speculations and be checked for sickness and diseases