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Kristin Howard, Choir Director

Conference time: 7:50 - 8:40 am

About Me:
I earned my degree in Music Education from the Moore's School of Music at the University of Houston. I have always loved singing and have performed with the Houston Symphony Chorus. I also lead worship at Westland Baptist Church in Katy. I have taught choir at Sealy Junior High since 2004. I love teaching kids to sing and helping them find their voice. I live in Richmond with my husband, Jeremy, and our two children. I am known for my award winning Hot Texas Chili.

My Schedule

7:50 - 8:40 1st Period Conference

8:44 - 9:36 2nd period Concert Girls Choir

9:44 - 10:19 3rd period Tiger Time

10:23 - 11:13 4th period 6th Grade Choir

11:17 - 12:08 5th period General Music

12:08 - 12:38 lunch

12:42 - 1:32 6th period Advanced Girls Choir

1:36 - 2:26 7th period 6th Grade Choir

2:30 - 3:20 8th period Boys Choir

Major Events by 9-weeks

First 9-weeks: Music fundamentals, Fall Concert (Major Grade)
Second 9-weeks: Solos (Major Grade), Christmas Concert (Major Grade)
Third 9-weeks: Sight-Reading, Competition (Major Grade)
Fourth 9-weeks: Spring Concert (Major Grade)

General Music
First 9-weeks: Music and Piano Fundamentals
Reading Music Test
Second 9-weeks: Instrument Families Test, Instrument Research Project, Invent an Instrument Project, Hand-bells Performance
3rd 9-weeks: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Composer Instagram Project
4th 9-weeks: Composer of the Day, Classical Music Listening Test, Jazz Music, Piano Recital

Ranch House Candle Fundraiser

Students were given information about our fundraiser today. We are selling candles and other items from Ranch House Candles. Students will have 2 weeks to sell. Pleaae collect the money now and turn in all money and orders by February 21. Products will be delivered in April.