Saving the Earth

Earths troubles!

Ways we can help Earth

A simple way we can help Earth is to simply stop littering wich also we could pick up litter, We could start walking and riding bikes, and most important is to get others to follow the lead of us trying to save the Earth. Also we could plant trees and plants and watch the amazing photosynthisis happen! The ony reason we should save the planet is so we and others get sick, especially animals! And, sothe world can be free of pollution, trash, and diseses.

How can you help?

Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse

 Another way Earth could be cleaner is to recycle. Recycling is when you use a special trash can and throw away paper, plastic or glass only in that special trash can. Reusing is when someoneuses something over and over again before it gets old and rotten. Reducing is when you dont use as much. For example turn of the lights when you are not in the room and turn off the water when you dont need it to be on! These are all ways we could make the Earth a better planet for us to live on!