Daily Message - Week of February 1

Building Successful Futures: Every Student, Every Day

Friday - February 5

Happy Cookies and Milk Day!! There are a ton of cookies and 4 jugs of milk in the teachers lounge by the office! Come enjoy this morning or on your plan! There are plenty to go around multiple times!! And for those who can't have the bad carbs I got you some good carbs, apples and bananas! Have an awesome Friday!

Candidate Games will be this afternoon during an assembly. Bryon sent that schedule out a couple of days ago!

All Sophomores are touring Highland Technical College today after lunch. They will all eat first lunch and then go for their tour.

Redment Time Form



B. Corey

B. Dimmitt

M. Underwood - PM

C. Crumb

Thursday - February 4

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!! February and March seem to be such gloomy months so every Friday or Thursday like next week we are going to have what we are calling Fab Fridays! There will be some fun thing happening each Friday. Might just be goodies in the lounge or an activity of the day! So for tomorrow we are going to have cookies and milk in the lounge by the office! Come on up and get yourself a class of milk and a couple of cookies and enjoy! Next week will be a Famous Couples Challenge. Stay tuned for more details!

Remember today during Redmen Time we will have our candidate assembly and the students will go back to Advisories and vote on Royal Court King and Queen! Talk to Kurt if you have any questions!!

Office Schedules

8-10 Bret Church work with all three of us, 1 Principals PLC Meeting


M. Hale - W. Scott

A. Lillie - D. McDermed AM

D. Hopson-K. Soyland

J. Stillwell

Wednesday - February 3

Yeehaw! It's Western Day today and where did the warm weather go! It's so cold and windy outside! Couple of reminders to post your tweets for the week! English department has their's done, let's see what everyone else will post for the week!! Keep those tweet's coming. Check out Facebook for the pictures of the Royal Court's candidates and some fun pictures of the last few days of Spirit Week!

Office Schedules

Looks like everyone is pretty open today! Let's see how long that lasts!


C. VonSenden

K. Estes

B. Corey - K. Vanderweide

S. Dollins - S. Berger

ISS - M. Wohlgemuth

M. Hale - W. Scott

Tuesday - February 2

Today during Redmen Time we will be taking Royal Courts Pictures as well as the senior group picture in the gym. This will probably take the entire 30 minutes! This will end up being a pretty crazy week! Talking to Kurt we will have our candidate assembly Thursday during Redmen Time and the students will go back to their advisories and vote. Friday afternoon we will have the candidate games.

Office Schedules

David - 3 Meeting with Heidi Hauk, 4 basketball games

Bryon - 4 BBAll games

Lindsey - 3:30 kids for play, 4 bball games


M. Hale - W. Scott

B. Hundley

J. Meudt

K. Estes

Monday - February 1

Happy Monday! What a great weekend for sports! All of our teams did a great job. Facebook has some pictures of the wresting tournament as well! Check them out! Sounds like snows coming, just not sure how much!!!

Office Schedules

David - 9 Dentist, 1 Appointment, 7 BOE Meeting

Bryon - 10 EMT Meeting, 7 BOE Meeting

Lindsey - 10 Craig, 4:30 City Commission, 7 BOE


M. Hale - T. Scott/W. Scott

E. Crouse - K. Soyland


J. Meudt

S. Ross - AM

Article of the Week

Great article on the difference between School and Learning