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Akira Toriyama, One of the best Manga Creator's!

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Kaden Schmitz

Akira Toriyama

Akira Toriyama is one of the most famous Manga Artist to ever live. He is one of the most popular artist because one of his manga's; "Dragon Ball", Became a famous TV show known to almost all the people in the world. His books are really awesome and can keep you entertained for days on end if you have all 26 manga's.

Akira's Life

His Family

He lives a happy life with his wife "Nachi Mikami" and his two children. One of his child's name is Sasuke Toriyama. Akira Toriyama was born in Nagoya, Japan on April 5th, 1955. He is living a happy life now at the age of 60 and is still making more Dragon Ball Super episodes. But before he started making anime for his fans. He was a game designer for the game: "Dragon Quest". Then he went on to make manga's. His first therefore being Dr. Slump then onto the hit series of Dragon Ball. Then it became a TV show and went on to this this day.

His first DB Manga (Book Talk/summary)

His first manga is just of Goku meeting his saiyan brother Raditz. He try's to persuade his brother Goku into being evil and takes his son hostage until he has made a decision. And Raditz would destroy the Earth if he said no. SO WHAT WILL GOKU DO. This book is one of his greatest and will leave you on a cliff-hanger thirsty for more. So I suggest that you read this book because Its one of the best iv'e ever read.

His second DB Manga (Book Talk/summary)

Its the same story because Goku has not yet defeated Raditz even with the help of Piccolo. A Namekian who did not want to but in the end helped Goku. In the end Goku's son breaks out of his "cage" and gets Raditz off balanced. Goku takes advantage of this moment and sacrifices himself to kill Raditz and him to save the Earth. And to me, this is one of the most action packed book of all. At least until I get the next book or three.

5 interesting facts about Akira

#1-Akira has made 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z

#2-Akira had a cross-over episode with the hit anime One-Piece

#3-Akira also teamed with other anime creators to create a cross-over episode with 4 main character's from their own anime. The winner, though, somehow, was the weakest one, Mister Hercule Satan

#4-Akira has 2 kids and he has only given one of his children's name out, "Sasuke Toriyama"

#5-Akira also has an anime i believe is called, "GO, GO ACKMAN"