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Friday, October 28th

Feel Good Friday

It's Feel Good Friday for many reasons, but mainly: 1. D.J. Lady Char was here! 2. It's almost Fall into IB! 3. I was dismissed from Jury Duty! Not in time to enjoy the musical stylings and incredible Cougar dance moves, but I'm confident we can reach our jog-a-thon fundraising goal next year and I will be on the dance floor with the rest of the kids. :-)

In case inquiring (our next IB Learner Profile Attribute- see what I did there?) minds want to know, the trial resulted in a hung jury. An unsatisfactory outcome after 6 rather laborious days. I missed my scholars, staff, and community so much! I'm glad I was still able to come every morning and compare my feeble attempts at Red Ribbon Spirit Day outfits with the kids. Caleb is not short on the spirit!

See you Monday (in black and orange),

Principal Trent

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Jog-a-thon- Final stats

We raised $47,052 and met our school Goal fir a DJ Lady Char dance party.

Top Earning Primary Class: Cherry

Top Earning Upper Grade Class: Prowell

Big Shoutout to Le and Burghraef for strong second place as a class!

Our Top Student Earners did an awesome job and earned swag bags:

1. Max W

2. Veer N

3. Maxine N

4. Adam S

Fall Fundraiser Update!

A special thanks to all the parent and student volunteers that helped at the Pumpkin Patch Fall Fundraiser. With your help, we raised $1,105 for Caleb Greenwood!

Fall into IB Schedule

8:00 am Set up

9:00-9:30 1st

9:45-10:45 2nd/3rd

11-11:30 Kinder

12:45-1:45 4th /5th

Thank you to all the 6th graders, Ms. Cole, and Ms. Rauh!

Flag Football-Final Game of the Season

Wednesday, November 2nd. Will C. Wood Middle School @4:00. Come cheer on your talented Cougar Flag Football Team!

Parent Teacher Conferences

November 17th and 18th

November 28th-Dec. 2nd


Grades 1/2/3: 12:10

Grades: 4/5/6: 12:24

Loaves and Fishes

Dear Caleb Greenwood Community - Loaves and Fishes is a local nonprofit that offers a daily breakfast program where guests experiencing homelessness or food insecurity can gather for breakfast and coffee. Our school community will provide the food and help serve breakfast at Loaves and Fishes on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. You can help by donating food, helping to serve breakfast, or both. To participate, please visit or scan the QR code below. Additional details about the requested food donations, drop off location, and location of the volunteer site are provided in the dropdown field below the signup line for each item.
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