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Notes From The Principal

Lost & Found is OOC (out of control). Please stop by next week to look for any of your student's belongings. All of the items will be donated next Friday. Please be sure to write your students' names on jackets, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. This helps cut down on lost items. We will move lost and found to the front entryway.

Next Friday is an early release at 12:40 PM. There will be no Extended Care that day. If your student normally attends Extended Care, please be sure to log in to Smart Tag and change their dismissal for Friday, March 10th.

Friday, March 10th is also our Mustang Career day. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to join us on Friday, March 10th.

PTO did it again. Each year I am amazed at how supportive our Mustang parents are. Our PTO Soiree On The Green had a huge turnout and raised money for our students and staff. Thank you to all parents, especially the Soiree committee: Lauren Crouch, Karina Gamino, Lauren Proud, and Jessica Rosholm, for planning the fantastic event.

Next Friday also marks the end of the third grading period. It is hard to believe, but we are 3/4 done with the school year. I wish everyone to have a restful spring break with your family. I plan on visiting my family in West Texas.

It is a Great Day to be a Mustang!

Samuel Hicks


3/6-10/23...............School Breakfast Week

3/10/23..................Extended Care Closed Friday, March 10th

3/10/23...................LWE Career Day (Don't Miss It)

3/24/23...................Kinder Sweet Berry Farms Field Trip

3/27/23...................Book Fair

3/28/23....................Class Picture Day

3/30/23...................2nd Grade Musical LWE Gym @ 5:00 pm

4/3/23....................Third-Grade Field Trip Inner Space Caverns

4/4-4/5...................Talent Show Auditions

4/4/23....................Kinder 101 More Information To Come

4/13/23..................Kinder Mall / PTO General Meeting 8:00 am

4/20/23..................LWE Talent Show Rehersale

4/21/23..................LWE Talent Show in Gym at 6:30 pm

4/28/23..................2nd Grade Field Trip to Exotic Zoo

4/28/22..................1st Grade Field Trip to Austin Aquarium

5/5/23....................4th Grade Field Trip Science Mill Johnson City

5/4/23....................5th Grade Musical LWE Gym @ 5:00 pm

5/6/23....................Kinder Circus in the LWE Gym on Saturday Afternoon

5/19/23..................Author Vist More Details To Come

5/25/23..................End-of-Year Celebrations

5/26/23..................Buccaneer Walk (Mustangs Walk Out as Buccaneers)

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Time for a snack drive! While most of our students here at Lakeway Elementary School bring healthy snacks daily, some families do not have the means to supply this for their children. We are holding a snack drive to help these children. You may be asking yourself, what can I send in?

  • Individually bagged snacks

  • Nut-free items

  • Healthy (low in sugar)

  • Please deliver snacks to our School Counselor, Michelle Monahan, so she may arrange further distribution. In advance, thank you for your generous donations!

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A Note From Nurse Neal

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Lakeway Elementary School will be conducting spinal screenings for 5th grade girls during their PE class on either Tuesday, March 7, or Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

The purpose of this screening is to detect the signs of abnormal curves of the spine at their earliest stages so that the need for treatment can be determined. Scoliosis, a common spinal abnormality found in adolescents, is a sideways twisting of the spine. It is usually detected in children between 10 and 14 years of age. As required by state law, girls in LTISD will be screened in the 5th and 7th grades, and boys in the 8th grade.

Many cases of curvature of the spine are mild and require only ongoing observation by a physician when they are first diagnosed. Others can worsen with time as the child grows and require active treatment. Early identification and treatment can prevent the development of a severe deformity, which can affect a person's appearance and health.

The procedure for screening is simple. Screeners who have been specially trained will look at your child from the side, back, and front while he/she stands and then bends forward. Boys and girls will be screened separately. Your child may need to remove his/her shirt for this screening. Girls should wear a sports bra or a two-piece swimsuit top on their exam day. Fifth grade girls at Lakeway Elementary will be screened by our district lead nurse Becca Harkleroad, RN.

Parents will be notified of the results of the screening ONLY if professional follow-up is necessary. This screening procedure does not replace your child's need for regular health care and check-ups. You may have your child screened at his or her age-appropriate well check, and submit the results to your campus nurse on the form provided by the physician.

If your child is already diagnosed and being treated, please provide a letter from the child’s physician. If, for religious reasons, you do not wish to have your child screened, you are to submit a letter of religious exemption to your campus nurse no later than Friday, March 3, 2023.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Lake Travis ISD

March 5-11, 2023 is National School Social Work Week

With the theme “We Rise,” Lake Travis ISD proudly joins the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) to celebrate March 5-11, 2023 as "National School Social Work Week."

Together with SSWAA, we believe that school social workers rise up—supporting their students, families, and school communities. School social workers rise to share hope. They rise to listen and understand. They rise to challenge inequities. They rise to support all students.

Furthermore, school social workers are critical members of the education team, playing a central role in creating a positive environment in our schools. These professionals are especially skilled in identifying and providing services to students who face serious challenges to school success including poverty, disability, discrimination, abuse, addiction, bullying, loss of a loved one, and other barriers to learning.

The following school social workers serve students across LTISD:

  • Tracy Barney
    Bee Cave Elementary School
    Lake Pointe Elementary School
    Bee Cave Middle School
  • Lacey Branker
    Lake Travis High School

  • Rachael Macomber
    Lake Travis High School
  • Daniela McFarland
    Lakeway Elementary School
    Lake Travis Elementary School
    Serene Hills Elementary School
    Hudson Bend Middle School
  • Colette Schwene
    Rough Hollow Elementary School
    West Cypress Hills Elementary School
    Lake Travis Middle School

I ask that you please join me in recognizing the contributions of these special members of the LTISD family!


Paul Norton
Superintendent of Schools

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March 6-10, 2023 is "Educational Diagnosticians’ Week"

Dear LT Family,

Educational diagnosticians are certified professionals who help identify many types of learning disorders. In recognition of the critical role these individuals play in providing students with a high-quality education, Lake Travis ISD proudly joins the Texas Educational Diagnosticians Association to celebrate March 6-10, 2023 as "Educational Diagnosticians’ Week." It is a time set aside to honor diagnosticians who consistently demonstrate professionalism, competence, and excellence in order to provide individuals with disabilities quality educational services.

The following educational diagnosticians serve students across LTISD:

  • Casey Brown, Lake Travis High School
  • Jeff Dietzel, Lake Travis High School
  • Lisa Ducote, Rough Hollow Elementary School
  • Leena Gulati, Serene Hills Elementary School
  • Stacey Hall, Bee Cave Elementary School
  • Stacey Oncale, Lake Travis High School
  • Lari Rogge, West Cypress Hills Elementary School
  • Thelene Scarborough, Lakeway Elementary School
  • Jennifer Scoggins, Hudson Bend Middle School
  • Randi Sherrer, Lake Travis Elementary School
  • Ruben Soria, Bee Cave Middle School

Furthermore, I ask that you please join me in recognizing the contributions of these amazing members of the LTISD family!


Paul Norton
Superintendent of Schools

Spring Book Fair

  • The Spring Book Fair is coming up, we have lots of volunteer opportunities, and we will really appreciate it if you could help us.

    These are the dates that we are needing some help with:

    • Thursday, March 23rd: Book Fair set up and decoration
    • Friday, March 24th, and Monday, March 27th: Book Fair Preview
    • Tuesday, March 28th; Wednesday, March 29th; Thursday, March 30th: Book Fair Shopping
    • Friday, March 31th: Book Fair clean up

    Please sign up at this link and help us have a wonderful Book Fair this spring.

    Thanks so much


    Brekka Larrew, M.Ed. | Librarian

Issued on Monday, March 6, 2023 7:53 AM CST by City of Bee Cave Affected Locations: City Hall

Please be advised ... there will be fire and smoke in the brush site behind McCoy's off of SH 71 as The City of Bee Cave's contractors will begin the controlled burn of the brush collected from residents after the winter storm. Lake Travis Fire Rescue will be on site during the burn. To complete all the brush, the burn will continue for an extended period of time. Burning each day will depend on weather conditions.

  • Do not call 911 if you see fire in that area. That would overwhelm the system.
  • This does not mean you can burn your own brush. The city received a special allowance from TCEQ for this burn. In order to burn your own brush, you must get a permit from LTFR.
  • For more information on the controlled burn that is starting today and will last until all the brush is finished, please look at our FAQ sheet at
  • You will not receive an alert each day there is brush burning; this is to let you know it is starting so you will not be alarmed.
  • When burning begins at a different site, we will let you know.

Click Here For Full Details

There will be no extended care on Friday, March 10th due to early release.

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LWE Group Picture Day March 28th

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School Breakfast Week (SBW), March 6-10, 2023

Next week is School Breakfast Week. The theme is Get Your Day in Gear with a Healthy School Breakfast. Your special School Breakfast Week morning announcements also will tell you how your school breakfast foods support your health and growth. Let’s eat, learn and have fun by starting the day with grains, milk, lean protein, fruits or vegetables in a good breakfast. Get ready to Get Your Day in Gear with a Healthy School Breakfast.
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Label Your Mustangs Coats, Jackets, Water Bottle, and any other valuables

Lost and Found would like to be sure everyone remembers to label all their items with your child’s name! We will do our best to return all labeled items to your child. Lost and Found is housed in the hallway between the gym and the cafeteria. Please feel free to peruse the Lost and Found for your child’s items or remind your child to look in the lost and found at the beginning of the school day. Unlabeled and unclaimed items are donated to charity during Winter Break, Spring, and Summer Break. Please label your child’s lunch box, thermos, jacket, and water bottle as soon as you are able.
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Spring Enrichment 2023

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Fourth Grade Field Trip May 5th

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Third episode of "Lake Travis ISD Matters" podcast focuses on mental health awareness

Lake Travis ISD has published the third episode of its podcast, Lake Travis ISD Matters. Listen to the full episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Player FM, and Stitcher.

In this episode, we discuss mental health awareness with guests Jennifer Lyon, LTISD Director of Health & Social Emotional Learning; Lacey Branker and Rachael Macomber, Licensed Clinical Social Workers at Lake Travis High School; and two students from the Breathe Initiative club at LTHS.

Superintendent provides weekly update in "Norton's Notes"

Since early September 2022, LTISD Superintendent Paul Norton has been sharing a weekly update with news, notes, and shoutouts from across the District. The update, better known as "Norton's Notes," is posted on our District website by 4:30 pm each Friday during the school year. Stay informed - visit
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The Watch DOGS sign-up schedule for the Spring semester has now been released. A few changes:

We now have 2 different time slots available for each day; 7:15am-11:15am and 11:15am-3:15pm. This should allow those of you who can only commit a half day to get involved.

Also, we now have a Watch DOGS bin in the cabinet of the foyer for us. You can find a daily checklist, ball pump, stickers, badges etc...

There are still plenty of openings in December to sign up and get involved.

We plan on having another get-together in January - more details to come...

Thank you to all who have volunteered, I know everyone is having a great time with the program!!! Sign Up!!!!

Brad Glenn
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