(Public Service Announcement)


Have you ever wanted to be safe? no? well to bad! Here are some tips to get YOU up-to-date on the latest brand-spanking new ideas to keep your identity, accounts, and other social/personal things safe! YAAY!!!!!

TIPS & TRICKS (to keep your crap safe!)

1.Change your passwords regularly! (don’t be that guy/girl who always has the same password for everything! (Like Me!))

2.Don’t believe everything you read or see online! (unless you want to be those people who think the moon landing was staged…)

3.Take advantage of the site’s privacy settings! (unless you want to be that guy/girl who just wants everybody to know everything about them!)

4.”Be verwy verwy quiet I’m hunting for strangers” Don’t trust somebody you don’t know on the interwebs. (unless you know them personally)

5.Limit yourself on how much personal information you post, tweet, or snap. (sorry other websites.)